05 November 2010

Last night:

Simon: Give me a high five

Grace: ok, why? (high five)

Simon: We already ate dinner, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen and it is merely............5:07 pm. continue and maintain the geriatric lifestyle that we lead oh so successfully these days...

Last night I went to the library in search of some John Steinbeck but instead came back with a book entitled "B is for Beer" and this movie that brought back some not so pleasant memories from last year...


  1. while i'm intrigued about seeing this, i'm not sure i can stomach it. how did u?

  2. A worm hole lead me to read this post. Totally cracking up and picturing you being the teacher holding up the eraser... BAAHAHAHAHA!! So glad you're back so I can continue to weave my way through the worm hole again and again!



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