new game, new name

17 November 2010

homemade bebe recliner

Simon and I have been seriously discussing renaming Julia. Something like Juliadiva or Juliarequiresnosleepever or maybe Juliacriesuntileveryoneintheneighborhoodcanhear. .... I think they all have nice rings to them? Julia's latest trick is to work herself into an inconsolable state in the middle of the night until her parents are both very wide awake, appear concerned and have pulled out all of their hair (eyebrows and lashes included). She then wiggles her miniature magic wand and somehow finds herself tucked tightly into her parents bed where they can wake up every seven minutes to give her back her pacifier (because her life is seriously over when her pacifier falls out).

However..somehow, little J still manages to be very smiley the next morning and her parents find themselves forgiving and forgetting (somewhat reluctantly) the little lady...

I hope these count as social smiles because if they don't she is WAY behind on the developmental train. 


In other happy Julia news.....

She DID discover a new window to stare at/out of the other day...

 and any digestive problem that the formula had posed has obviously been solved.

If you need me, I will be  harvesting steroid enhanced coffee beans and brewing the strongest coffee in the whole entire universe that shall be sweetened with Red Bull and spiced with a Monster Energy Drink.

Enjoy your Wednesday.


  1. hahah! it doesn't surprise me that you have piled her dirty diapers up by the door. remember when you used to take your contacts out and flick them on the ground in my room? lovely.
    i like her open mouthed smile.

  2. hahahaahhaahahahahahahaah. she is too tooo TOOOOOO cute. love it. love her window gazing. audra used to put henry outside the front door in his stroller for morning detox. he'd stare off for upwards of 30 minutes and then be ready to "socialize". he liked the quiet time..



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