two (2) things

18 November 2010

1. Pampers diapers are the worst. Worst.  I will be boycotting them for the rest of my life ... just as soon as we have used up the two boxes that contain over 200 of the blasted things.

2. As Simon was leaving for class earlier he gave me a brief hug and said..."if you HAPPEN to find yourself in a shower this afternoon with maybe some soap...lots of soap..that wouldn't be the WORST thing in the world..."
Apparently he doesn't appreciate that I have been sacrificing all time previously dedicated to hygienic practices in order to try to sweat off these last million pesky postpartum pounds.


  1. what?! Pampers are my fave! They are the only brand that Gabriel doesn't leak through or get red marks from (ahem...huggies). But then again, you must be in the blow out phase when no diaper can contain the wrath.
    Good luck.

  2. BAHAHHAHAHAHA re: simon's quote.

  3. From the New Mothers Journal/Proven Facts about Life with a Newborn by Renle Ralpat/SAP

    Fact #1: New mothers are hormonally deranged for the first few months after birth and cannot be held fully responsible for unusual emotions.
    Fact #1b: Fact #1 is temporary and WILL improve over time.

    Fact #23a: It's quite difficult for a new mother to find time for a complete shower.
    Fact #23b: All inconveniences are TEMPORARY--really.



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