when the well runneth dry...

26 October 2010

photos will have to suffice. Nothing ground breaking, earth shattering or jaw dropping going on around here. We do have a new very unwelcome pet mouse (if not..mice..or baby rat) residing in our abode. Ever since I spied the (curse word) critter I have been surviving by jumping from couch to table to chair to kitchen counter to bed to sink to piano bench to you get the idea ...sometimes while I'm nursing Julia..sometimes not.

This is Julia's all encompassing: I'm either happy, indignant, mad, filling my diaper, sad, tired or hungry face.

And here we find Julia doing her favorite activity: crossing her feet. Do not cross her and uncross them as she will cross them right back and probably let you know that you have angered her.

I am only including this for vanity's sake. Clearly, I had just had my hair done and my teeth whitened. Please note Julia sticking her tongue out at her food source, keeper and guardian. Ungrateful little girl.


  1. julia is really cute. i love how serious she looks. i like your hair....although you have it up in a tight bun of i cant really see what was done.

  2. little snuggle buggle. so glad SO glad you guys were here when I got home! I feel bad that I haven't noticed your haircut. Maybe you can show me next time I see you??? And can't BELIEVE you have a mouse. NO fun! Have you heard the story of Elizabeth and the mouse and "it's looking at me!!!!" ???

  3. so yesterday I un-purposefully found two mice underneath our sink dead in a trap for who knows how long! Gabe informed me he forgot about that trap. I had him come home from work immediately to check for more.


  4. so I decided I wanted to go back in your blog a bit and check out some newborn Julia posts and I love this one. Little Julia, always bringing a spice to life! It made me laugh out loud! I love her one facial expression! And the fact that she's sticking her tongue out at you. Your narration on her little quirks cracks me up.



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