27 October 2010

Julia and I are currently in a very serious and lengthy battle with the mouse/mice/small rat. We won't quit until we reign victorious.

Also, I would like to know which two traitors unfollowed Camp Patton? very uncool.


  1. I'm still waiting for you & Caca to follow me. If my only 2 readers don't follow, then all hope is lost in my blog world.

  2. that is SO weird. i've had it happen to me and i'm like--what did i do to you!? i have gained a couple back.

    how did mary get so many followers!?

  3. um roxy i do follow you. you show up every time in my dashboard, whether i like it or not.

  4. um ok---I think I lost probably the SAME two followers! One on one the made me kind of sad..."does this mean my posts are getting bad?" oops.
    hahahhhh seriously mouse? leave already. maybe my dad could come lay you some traps : )



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