Little J wants to play

08 October 2010

The night before last was a nightmare and was proceeded by a daymare with Julia. She wanted to be eating 23 hours of the day and only paused to play possum for about 11 minute intervals before she was back to her needy self. I contemplated putting her in her bouncy seat and her bouncy seat in the corner for a well-deserved time out but then remembered that she is only 2.5 weeks old and is still learning the ropes of humandom.

During one of her possum playing stunts Simon and I decided to try and squeeze in a crazy game of Scrabble. Once Julia heard the jingle jangle of the wooden tiles she, of course, had to come and join in the fun. When we were finished playing Julia and I retired to her room to make use of our new glider/ottoman combo while Simon tried out the voice command feature on the computer...for the chess game.

Julia and I had a nice little chuckle as we heard this from the living room:

(very, very well e-n-u-n-c-i-a-t-e-d with his voice volume all the way up)

"move pawn to c4...MOVE pawn to c4..MOVE PAWN to c4..MOVE PAWN TO c4...MOVE PAWN TO C4"

and then

"Tell me a joke" (and the computer told him a knock-knock joke...)

and then

"Quit this application"

and then

"move KNIGHT to C3.." over and over and over again.

To my delight...this lulled Julia right to sleep.


Simon generously took a shift with the angriest little lady on the block today and tried to introduce her to the exciting world of Youtube. She was unimpressed with Brahms Lullaby but was very taken with this song...

She is her mother's daughter.


  1. so many things to say.
    #1-i love that during your time when she finally decided to calm down you decided to squeeze in a scrabble game. this is why we're friends. let's play next time i visit-but j cannot cheat and look at my tiles.
    #2-oh simone. i love the stories about him so much because it's so FREAKING hilarious and i can absolutely picture him doing this.




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