the better parent

18 October 2010

would have to be Simon:

because while he is busy actively engaging Julia in mind stimulating activities like this I merely feed her, scrutinize her left eye (I think it might be lazy), bathe her every six days and rejoice over the fact that she has decided to happily accept a pacifier at two am.

As we were climbing into bed last night Simon did confess that he had a hankering for a gummy prenatal vitamin. Perhaps that is his secret to success in the parenting department.


  1. oh my GAAAAAAAAAAAWD those are adorable freaking photos. serio, you need to like, frame those and keep them forever and ever and ever. She looks so cute and so interested in the book! DOes she really have a lazy eye? that is awesome. I will love her no matter what.
    Think this is my favorite Julia post YET.

  2. oh my GOSH cutest post EVER in the HISTory! Love it. She's such an adorable love bug!

  3. seriously this could not be cuter.
    Laughing about the gummy vitamin! ahh!



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