04 October 2010

I know this is a total cop out but I'm going to have to do a quick takes edition for Monday. I have no legitimate excuse other than I'm really, really tired and really cold. Unfortunately the nine month heat stroke was simply a symptom of pregnancy and I am right back to my frigid self.

1. Despite wearing a pink hat and a very feminine pink blanket to Mass the past two Sundays, both priests asked if Julia was a boy or a girl. One even went so far as to ask for "HIS" name. I just might have to make her floral headbands a permanent Sunday fixture.

2. The Baby Wise wizard is currently having a nice little laugh at me. Julia is doing a decent job of sleeping at night but has taken to needing some snack fixes during the day. This is especially frustrating as we are heading out the door to do something semi-fun/important.

3. We found ourselves in the cry room at church yesterday. I am seriously praying that we never have to repeat that experience again. It wasn't so much a cry room as more of a "my children over the age of five can misbehave and disrupt all they want because we are in the cry room" room...not my favorite Sunday.

4. I turned my computer on to find "steampunk" in the google search box. I'll have to ask Simon and Julia what prompted this interesting search last night...

5. Much to my dismay, we were forced to turn the heat on in our house. I have enjoyed the cooler temperatures but am dreading winter. My absolute least least least favorite season that seems to last six months.

6. I think today will be the day that I start THIS

7. My Dad came through last night. Simon grilled some delicious steak, we took a nice little walk (walks usually end in an empty stroller and a spoiled little lady being carried alll the way home....this was no different) and then briefly visited the other grandparents a few blocks away.


  1. one of my fave Julia pics ever! Happy 2 Week Birthday, little lady! Now there's going to be a jump of googling steampunk....I'm on my way to that right now... : )

  2. she looks SO CUTE AND HEAVENLY in this picture! my favorite thus far! steampunk...interesting. i googled and have to say its my first time googling such a term.

  3. What a precious picture. She is so alert!

  4. All priests must be color blind. We had issues with Gabriel as well:) he he
    And I was begging for cooler temps and now I am freezing. We are southerners at heart.

    Love the picture of Julia with her grandpa! So cute!



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