the Friday skinny

22 October 2010

1. I'm sorry for neglecting to post yesterday. I thought you lovely readers could use a breather from all of the Julia prattle. I hope you enjoyed the brief reprieve. De nada.

2. Simon and I are currently trying to coordinate his residency interviews and my iodine treatment for December. It has been a leedle bit of a headache but Julia has volunteered to take care of herself when necessary and to drive Simon to and from the airport if needed. She is such a generous little dear.

3. This is the third day of Grace and Julia flying solo without Simon. I would say this sums up Julia's general attitude about these precious moments very nicely:

4. I got my hair cut the other day and overheard some interesting conversations in the salon. One stylist in particular gave me a little forehead crinkle as she told her client that her doctor had prescribed that she go tanning for her Seasonal Affective Disorder (the acronym for this is too perfect). For those of you that do not reside in Wichita...we have been enjoying really warm and sunny days for the past several perhaps she is negatively affected by real UV rays? She had clearly been a dutiful patient as her skin was a beautiful and glowing shade of leathery orange.

5. Julia is pouting and has let me know she is jealous of the time I have dedicated to this post and so I must be off. Happy Weekend.


  1. she's filling out more! so cute. let me know if you need help during iodine era.

  2. she IS filling out, she looks great. yucky to iodine. but it will all work out.



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