May the 4th

04 May 2018

1. We celebrated Phoebe's birthday on her birthday which was April 23rd but her due date was May 4th so let's pretend I planned to blog this photo today for that very reason. She had the best birthday and got the most amazing stroller (that I found on crazy Black Friday sale and managed to keep it hidden all this time which deserves as much of a celebration as her birthday since she is the queen of sneaking and peeking) that she loves and takes around the neighborhood with me every single morning. She's very concerned about the next holiday where she gets any sort of tangible anything (Halloween?!) and I can't say I blame her.

2. We went out to Weeki Wachee as part of the celebration and in turn Rachael recommended I read Fates and Furies (there's a brief tie in in the beginning) and lo and behold! it was available at the library so I read it. It was definitely a departure from my usual breezy fare but I'm glad I read it. Am I still looking forward to Elin's newest release in June? Y-E-S.

3. Two takes dedicated to books! I stayed up WAY too late Tuesday night devouring Jen's new book. It was so relatable and right up my humor alley that I couldn't bring myself to put it down until I finished. Hopefully she's got her third book coming down the pike ... and soon.

4. I've been really loyal to and loving this natural deodorant (after trying and not loving SO many) but I keep seeing glowing reviews and recommendations of this stuff and so now I'm curious ... I'll keep you posted.

5. It's rare that I cheat on my favorite drugstore mascara because they never live up to the hype. Ever. But! Lash Paradise DOES. Big time. (My favorite fancier options are Marc Jacobs + Tarte's Lash Paint).

6. Have you seen all the amazing new Birkenstock styles? These are by FAR my favorite but ever since my sister let me borrow these for a few minutes several years ago I've been SO tempted to get a pair.

7. LOFT is having a great sale and I highly recommend these shorts and of their sunglasses. Use codeL SUNNY.

And Happy Cinco De Mayo Eve! My friend Ruth swears this is the best margarita recipe in all of the land so I might have to give it a whirl ... maybe you should too.



  1. I have tried nearly every natural deodorant out there. Nothing works for me. I need the conventional products that work for 48 hours. I don't know what that says about my body's chemical make-up but there you go. :D

  2. I loved Fates and Furies! Her book Arcadia is also really good. I like easy breezy too, and it's also fun to mix things up.



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