let the summer break begin

25 May 2018

1. The boys have been out of school for two weeks but Julia finishes up today and we'll officially be in summer break mode. I tried to be a fun + spontaneous mom yesterday and took the kids on a "nature scavenger hunt" at the park near our house with their Easter baskets. After 30 minutes they all wanted to ride in the stroller and be chauffeured to the nearest cold water purveyor (aka our kitchen). So, it went well. No, it was fun while it lasted despite Bosco stepping in something he thought was a little pile of mud that most definitely was not a little pile of mud.

2. Simon's brother Andrew is in town for the weekend and we're torn between going to the super crowded beach with the rest of Florida or ... not. The kids still love love love the beach so I'm guessing we'll do the former because yolo, right?

3. I stumbled upon a super cheesy but super cute romcom on Netflix by the name of: The Kissing Booth. Simon was gone last night so I gave it a whirl. If you're in need of something in the cheesy romcom genre one of these nights ... I'd give it a shot.

4. I read no books this week! I did watch the afore mentioned Kissing Booth along with Jashley's Story of Us which is not the same but -- priorities.

5. So I'm thinking of doing maybe one wall of peel and stick wallpaper in at least the girls' room when we move. If you've seen or used any that you love - I'd love if you shared! I particularly love this one but when I asked Phoebe she was drawn to this mural like a moth to a flame :).

6. The sales! They're overwhelming this weekend. I don't know what it says about me that I was MOST excited to see that my dream vacuum is 44% off despite the fact that we do not NEED a new vacuum - however dreamy it might be.

7. The one sale I will take the time to comb through is right on over here because free shipping and easy label-in-box returns. This fun collaboration is on sale and I can't get over how many pairs of sandals are marked down. These aren't on sale but I saw them online and thought Birkenstock had LOST their minds but then I saw them on someone IRL and changed my mind. I love them.

And that's all for today.

Happy Summer!


  1. I also just watched and loved the kissing booth. The end was just a tad too cheesy for me but I still enjoyed it!

  2. We did two walls of removable wallpaper (two different rooms). It's harder than they make it seem. I thought I could do it while the baby was napping and the big kids were watching a movie. Ha! It is not a one person job. Or at least not if I'm the one person doing it. It's hard to line up the panels by yourself and if it's not lined up (in most patterns) it looks wonky. The variety of patterns is amazing though! We have a pink chevron from and this one from etsy
    We also did one room of random pattern polka dots which was crazy easy (the five year old did it herself except for a few way up high ones) and looks great.

  3. I totally watched The Kissing Booth the other night when Aaron was out of town. I thought it was super cute!

  4. Haha, glad to hear a rec for The Kissing Booth! I was watching the trailer last night and wondered if it was worth a watch. Where did all the not awful romcoms go??

  5. I'll second The Kissing Booth. I almost never have time to watch Netflix anymore, but it was super cute.

  6. A compromise with Phoebe might be the cute Disney Princess decor they have at Hobby Lobby.

  7. Oh my gosh—the kissing booth. So cute! I also recently watched Ibiza. It’s a great summer flick and pretty funny. Definitely watch whenthe kids aren’t around though! Lol

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