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11 May 2018

1. Abe looks just like baby Sebastian and Sebastian looks just like Simon did when he was Sebastian's age so let's just title this: Triplets, shall we? We shall. Or at least I will.

2. I'm going to type this up while keeping one eye on last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy because if I keep both eyes on the screen I think I'll melt into a puddle of tears after watching the previews. I'm a big Japril fan ... I can't help it.

3. Speaking of shows ... did you see the first Bachelorette preview that features a chicken and a minivan? Should be a quality season -- as always.

4. I'm guessing you've seen it but if you haven't - you HAVE to check out this insane DIY kitchen makeover c/o Sheena's unrivaled eye for design and the fact that it cost her just over $100? Unreal.

5. I've been slacking on the reading front this week but I did go to the library with the boys and grabbed Moon Shell Beach. I joked to Simon that sometimes I just need a little bit of a beach read to which we both had to laugh because sometimes is all the time in Graceland. Sue me.

6. After I told you about my new favorite drugstore mascara I saw that a favorite e-store of mine actually came out with their own mascara. To say I'm super curious about it would be an understatement.

7. On the sale front ...
+ 40% off shorts right now with code: SHORTS (these are a great middle of the road length - I have and love them)
+ extra 20% off select Nike sale styles with code: 20SPRING
+ I'm not sure I've ever seen Anthropologie's entire website on sale but .. it is! Discount applied in cart.
+ I keep hoping these pants will miraculously go on sale but so far, no dice.
+ Loft's sale is still going strong, not surprising but always appreciated.
+ and finally Gap has some cute summer baby rompers that are breathable but a nice and substantial material. Abe approves.

Alright, off to Moon Shell Beach I shamelessly trot. I hope your Friday night holds some equally wild + crazy plans. 


  1. I read every single one of Nancy thayers books earlier this year. Love her!

  2. I'm SUPER behind on Greys but I've seen the promos for this last episode and know April is leaving...I am so bummed too because I really liked her and Jackson together!

  3. Wait...Loft and Anthro are having a sale? I feel so lost.

    I LOVED Grey's for so long then fell behind for some reason (don't remember why). Then Derek died and I felt I couldn't catch up because I would just watch and know what was coming and I just couldn't.

  4. I’m a fan of the chicken suite already... I mean how could we ever forget the shark.. I mean dolphin suite.

  5. Like you, I am so accustomed to NOT seeing Anthro stuff on sale that I bought a new skirt last Friday at full price. Fortunately, I was able to get them to do a price adjustment and save $20!



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