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20 May 2018

My photo game has never been so bad. Double dipping into the gram files yet again. It was either this or an up close and personal photo of a snake skin. Slow week! S L O W W E E K.

1. What are the odds the kids stay asleep through the royal wedding slash a little blog post tapping session on this fine Saturday morning? Slim to none but I like a challenge. Let's go.

2. I haven't gotten a great look at Meghan's dress and I'm seeing a bit of Twitter buzz that people liked Kate's dress better ... what did you think??? I say it's not a competition but - Kate's dress WAS stunning (again! not a great look at Meghan's dress yet)

3. In much less exciting news - did you see that they released the list of Bachelorette guys? I have to admit I literally LOL'd at some of those descriptions. Let the games begin! In a week!

4. On the reading docket this week I just finished Heat Wave which was good and mindless. Perfect for the beach/readers that are often interrupted by their offspring. I wish Summer Wives would hurry up and release itself.

5. I finally gave in and tried this concealer that has a cult like following and you know what? The followers are right. Nothing cakey, creasey, heavy, or shiny about it. It's GOOD. RIP under eye circles of yore.

Alright here's where I waved my white flag yesterday morning but let's soldier on. 

6. It seems like the general consensus was that Meghan's dress was slightly more underwhelming than Kate's (albeit elegant!) but her reception dress! I don't swoon often but that pretty number made me swoon.

7. On the sale front we've got 40% off clearance over here with code: SUNNY and a super rare site wide sale at ASOS (use the similar code: SUNNYDAYS) along with 40% off sale styles over at LOFT.

Alright, and now I'm off to reread The Royal We or rewatch The Crown. Decisions, decisions.


  1. I don't want the Bachelor or Bachelorette, but I listen to the Popcast podcast religiously, and their seasonal summaries of the "suitors" is hysterical! They ALMOST make me want to tune in...

  2. I'm with you on the dresses - I liked Meghan's first one, but I LOVED the second one - it was sexy in all the right ways without being over the top.

  3. MM's dress was underwhelming but definitely not what "everyone" was expecting so in that sense, I think she chose well! yes for the reception dress. She nailed that one.

    I will have to watch the Royal We -- I always love your recs!
    oh and that concealer too.

  4. I read somewhere that Meghan's dress was purposefully underwhelming so as not to overshadow Kate's dress due to the fact that Kate will one day be queen. So, I don't know, maybe it makes sense?

  5. The Secrets of Married Women is a good, quick read. Thanks for the heads up about Summer Wives. I like that author but didn’t know she has a new one coming out.

  6. I'm hoping they come out with a new book like Royal We inspired by Harry and Meghan.



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