jumpsuits a plenty

28 April 2018

Jumpsuits. So hot right now. Or are they? Well, they're all over sale racks online and in stores and I was a bit of a skeptic for a while (and can only fake laugh at so many, "but ... how do you go to the bathroom?!" queries) but now I'm sold. Julia's even jumped on the bandwagon and anything that Julia does - Phoebe is on board almost immediately (much to Julia's delight). Anyway, I thought I'd done a decent job of bookmarking a variety of styles but I obviously stick to jumpsuits with sleeves (although there are lots of cute ones tank styles) and wide legs (again - lots of cute slimmer cuts too!). So, let the party begin.

1. Blue V-neck - There's a reason I put this at number one - because it's my favorite. Hands down.

2. Printed Smock - another favorite. I've noticed smocked styles slowly creeping their way back into the trends and I'm all about it.

3. Short Sleeve Wrap Striped - I own this one and love it. It's comfortable, lightweight, and the pants don't drag on the ground which is a plus.

4. Tie Front - I saw this in the flesh and had Abe not been at the tail end of his Target rope - I would've tried it on. I'm loving the tied front trend and this is a fun way to incorporate it without worrying that you tied it too tight and suddenly your shirt's creeped up to a crop top. Not that I've ever done that.

5. Basic B- This has lots of great reviews and love how easy breezy it looks.

6/7 Ruched Sleeve // Green Version - I'm looking for a fancier jumpsuit to wear to a nicer dinner party in a few weeks and this might be just the ticket ... with heels? Yes. Tick-et.

8. Nordstrom Rack Jumpsuit - I was pleasantly surprised by the number of fully stocked and super discounted jumpsuits over at Nordstrom Rack. It was hard to narrow down a favorite but this was in the top few.

9. Ruffled Jumpsuit - If this wasn't so pricey - I might've moved it up to numero uno but Anthropologie isn't known for it's steals. But, it's pretty dang cute, right? Right.

Honorable mention to this fancy pants jumpsuit and dishonorable mention to this atrocity.

Also, upon writing this post I think I figured out that this is a romper (shorts!) and jumpsuits involve pants. I think.

Anyway, any other favorites? I was sitting next to a gal wearing the cutest blue floral number at the kids school play last night and it took everything in me not to ask her where she found it and I'm regretting my prudence big time.

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend involving glorious weather and steering mostly clear of the internet. This post included.




  1. Ha! I love how the model is covering her face in that dishonorable mention. That's when you know it's truly bad.

  2. How in the world is the dishonorable mention jumpsuit sold out?! I bet they got hate mail and just took it off the market.

    Thanks for clarifying jumpsuit vs. romper.



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