23 April 2017

Normally I start birthday posts with thoughts of, "how are they already such and such age?!" but with Phoebe - it feels like she's been three for quite some time and has even requested, "four or five" candles on her (traditional carrot - and conveniently my favorite) birthday cake. We've been asking her what she wants to do to celebrate her birthday for months (since we have a little run of birthdays in the fall and around Christmas and she always wants to know when it's going to be her turn) and she hasn't wavered in saying she wants to go to, "Starbucks and Target" .... party animal in the making.

And so, we made it happen. Minus the Target - her memory isn't what it used to be, I guess.

If we had not had Phoebe and my parenting experience was limited to that of raising Julia, Sebastian, and Theo - I would never have believed that a spicy temperament like Phoebe's existed but alas - she's made me a believer. She keeps us laughing while simultaneously wondering where she came from but I suppose all parents feel the same way about their young at some point or another.

She is never deterred when told, "no" and only takes it as an opportunity to exercise her stellar compromising skills and figure out a more circuitous route to whatever it is that she wants. I think she truly believes that she's Theo's senior and superior and I think most days he feels the same way. She often bribes him into doing what she wants by promising that, "I'll be your best of best of friends" to which he always happily chirps, "okay!" ...

Whenever Bosco wakes up in a less than pleasant mood she always finds the nearest chair/couch to perch herself on and sighs as if I'm the clueless one and holds out her arms and assures me that he just wants her to hold him (exactly what he doesn't want) - so I think this new baby is in for a maternal treat of an older sister.

I really could go on and on and on but probably my favorite thing about Phoebe at this age is that her pronunciations of, "shirts" and "shorts" and "shits" are all the EXACT same which makes getting dressed a real good time.

Although, she strongly believes in wearing dresses all day every day which isn't a terrible phase. Big Kiss Little Kiss sent her this adorable dress and I've had a tough time prying it off her long enough to wash which is high praise in the book of Phoebe Patton.

Happy Birthday, Phoebe Anika! Our lives would be a lot less lively without you around!!!


Phoebe's birth story


  1. Oh gosh, I will always remember Phoebe's birthday. It is the same as my husband. But even still, I was going to meet my husband in Orlando for a vacation and I was waiting for his flight to arrive. And there had been a serious blog drought in the week before her birth, not just you but like all the bloggers. I get on my phone and not only was there a Phoebe in the world but all bloggers were back! Happy birthday Phoebe!

  2. The only thing better than both your writing and Phoebe, is your writing about Phoebe. In my true dramatic form, SHE KILLS ME. Although I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed she has started to smile for the camera and is over her iconic RBF.

  3. Spicy girls are fun :)
    Very cute dress--my five-year-old daughter wears nothing but dresses and throws a tear-laden fit if I've slacked on the laundry and they aren't clean. I have a hard time finding ones that are long enough, though, as my kids all have long torsos.
    How is the fit on Phoebe's dress? Has it shrunk at all?

    || ||

  4. Hmmm, IMO you have a potential lawyer or future mother superior ;)

  5. That picture of her drinking the Starbucks and giving you a look like "I am the shit" is awesome. I also have a Phoebe and she is a spitfire with attitude. It's challenging but I love her spirit.

  6. Happy b-day to Phoebe! She is just precious! Phoebe stories are my fave! Less "spirited" children are just boring. :P

  7. Happy birthday, Phoebe!! I started reading your blog when Theo was the baby, right around when you announced pregnancy #4, so it's crazy to me too that she is already 3! I have a 2.5 year old as my oldest so Phoebe holds a special place in my heart as I get to see what I have to look forward to with my daughter (although I love reading about all of your kids and their personalities). She is hilarious / adorable (and totally agree with above poster that her RBF was gold). Hope you all had a great time celebrating!!

  8. Phoebe!!! Happy Birthday, darling!! Oh, those "s" words. hahahahaha!!!!!

  9. I, too, have a spicy three year old. It's... fun? ;) She is toooo cute in that sweet little dress!

  10. I swear, it sounds like you're describing my little sister (also #4 after girl boy boy)...she'll be 21 in July and she's seriously the best ever. Phoebe's on the right track!! ❤

  11. Reading the first bit about Phoebe is like reading about my third kid who also just turned 3, coincidence? Hmmm. Guess every family needs a bit of spice. Happiest wishes to your little jalapeƱo.

  12. She's beyond adorable! Those pigtails are killing me...! :)

  13. She is the paler version of my daughter. I love this post. You crack me up.



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