Happy Easter!!!

16 April 2017

I'm going above and beyond the ubiquitous call of duty here and in lieu of a cute family photo (all of which I love and heart/like with reckless abandon) on social media - I'm going to post a mediocre photo of my kids on my blog. Behind the curve? ALWAYS.

Our Easter morning began around 12:05am when one Phoebe Patton took it upon herself to pop out of bed, rearrange the Easter baskets so that she got two Easter baskets, Julia's bike helmet, and the lion's share of candy. I stumbled out to find her happily admiring her handiwork and promptly steered her back to her bottom bunk where she mercifully stayed for the next seven hours.

Other highlights include but are not limited to:

+ a well-balanced breakfast of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls & Asparagus Benedict & Reese's Eggs

+ the kids having lots of questions about the Easter Bunny since some nosy kids had spotted their baskets in our closet

+ Diego QUICKLY learning how to open plastic eggs and attempt to devour the contents (no chocolate + I'm quicker, luckily)

+ Bosco sneaking enough jelly beans to last him until Easter of 2k18 - not napping and happily going to bed at 6:18pm.

+ after Jessie pointed out that this non-maternity dress works really well as maternity (even third trimester maternity) and me realizing that I had it hanging in my closet (what are the odds?!) so that I didn't have to wear a dress one shade lighter than black on Easter morning.

+ hearing one of the best homilies in recent or even distant memory at Mass. If a recording or transcript becomes available - I'll be sure to let you all know! Like it or not :)

+ Only one kid practically gagging at dinner which was understandable because it wasn't awesome. I tried, I tried!

+ Julia loving and quickly finishing the Princess in Black book she got (thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions last week - who knew Junie B. Jones was such a polarizing gal? Not I!)

+ Simon asking if I was going for a von Trapp look for the boys once he saw them decked in their Easter finery ...

Anyone recognize Julia's dress from her Glinda costume?

I didn't think so (she was worried ... )

And I think that about does it! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!


  1. Our demonic black lab, who miiiight just be a magician, ate three chocolate crosses.😡 Everyone calm down. She's fine. Not so much as a tummy ache.

  2. Julia is looking so grown and beautiful in these pictures! What a sweetheart!

  3. Ha! They all look so cute! Odette and her love of sharing every piece of food with the dogs was not appreciated today. I think they each got a few starbursts. No chocolate....that I know of, but I am probably wrong. ;)

  4. Candid photos are the best! You kids look great! And we ALWAYS have Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls on Easter and Christmas. Gotta love easy traditions!

  5. Is Piper & Scoot not thuh-best for non-maternity maternity?
    I feel like Wes and Theo would make great buds. Maybe it's the expression Theo is always making in candids.

  6. Happy Easter Patton Family!! Lots of love from VA <3

  7. Hope your sweet family had a Happy Easter! I didn't realize y'all went to the same church as us until I saw Phoebe and Bosco in the nursery when I dropped my younger two off there. And yes, Fr. Len was on point in his homily Sunday!! ����

  8. Our kids found the empty baskets so we just set them out empty the night before like a Christmas stocking. They seemed to accept it. Someone at school will eventually tell them the truth, I'm sure.



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