late {spring} breaking

20 April 2017

1. Greetings from the tail end of a wildly uneventful spring break. On Wednesday evening I took the kids to the playground and as Bosco did his little run/walk/fast arm swing onto the premises I noticed that he had a partially eaten Dum Dum stuck to the back of his shorts - which I think kind of sums the week up nicely. Next year I'm going to be proactive about planning something and might some of Simon's vacation time align nicely with the Spring Break 2k18? It just MIGHT :)

Anyway, overall it's been a nice break from the morning hustle and a little impetus to get my routine ducks in a row for the summer.

2. I'll tell you one Patton that has been l-o-v-i-n-g having everyone home ...

D-I-E-G-O and Diego was his name-o.

3. Simon keeps saying we should sign Julia up for art classes this summer and after rounding the corner today to find her making Diego sit for a portrait ... I guess he might have a bit of a point.

4. Thank you all for your wonderful and thoughtful suggestions on Kate's name post - I feel like our short list got quite a big longer which is a nice change from the first two trimesters.

5. I'm almost finished with America's First Daughter FINALLY. Longest I've ever taken to read a book? I believe so. I sort of cheated and started another Nancy Thayer book which I'm enjoying as kind of a vapid little breather.

6. As suspected - the maternity dress of my dreams went on sale (and the rest of the store is 40% off too! with the code: GETHAPPY) - glad I waited! Also, I wouldn't say I'm in the home stretch of this pregnancy but combine the heat (not a complaint - bring on the heat vs. the cold, always) with my rapidly growing persons and I'm looking to the skirt genre to keep me company from here on out and this non-maternity skirt has been a bit of a Godsend. Don't let the photo fool you because the model is tall - I'm 5'7'' and it hits just above my knee when worn under (not over!) el bump. And it will be perfect for postpartum/nursing - I think! I think.

7. I hate to keep cross posting from the Sale Rack BUT ... sometimes I can't help myself. These shorts have been a kid favorite around here for both the boys and the girls. They are marked down from $15 to $9 (and I'm sure they'll be discounted further eventually!). And pretty much the only time I let myself take a little look - when Anthropologie runs their 40% off clearance items sale and that time is now!

 ... Alright - that's that! We've got a birthday to prep for along with some family coming to town and I hope you have some fun plans on deck too!

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  1. Those pictures are so sweet! The group show blows my mind - I can't get my one guy to stand still for a picture these days you got 5! And picture of Julia is definitely one to remember.

    I'm sure many recommended it to you but I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on America's First Daughter. Also curious if you're interested in the Hamilton craze. I finally listened to the soundtrack and love it. The Hamilton Affair novel is a great compliment to see the Hamilton side in the Jefferson-Hamilton beef.

    One more thing, I don't know that I've ever seen a mention of Book of the Month Club, so if in the 1 in a million chance you don't know about it I thought I'd share. It makes the 1st of each month a fun book holiday.

    Somehow I just noticed Gone with the Wind on the sidebar and that totally made my morning. My all-time favorite everything and I must re-read & watch.

    My apologies for the longest comment ever. I'm really ready for the weekend. Happy Friday!

  2. I cheated and listened to America's First Daughter on Audible, and just finished yesterday. I thought it was WONDERFUL. Like, really, really, really good. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Your children are so gorgeous. Also, does Julia's adorable embroidered top come in my size? :)



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