Easter Outfit Ideas: kids edition

05 April 2017

I don't know about YOU but despite the smoke signals and blaring flares that is the 40 days and 40 nights of oh I don't know - LENT ... Easter always seems to sneak up on me. Or maybe it's just Easter morning and the mad dash to leave early enough to get a seated spot at church with everyone wearing something a little nicer than our usual Sunday garb. I have vivid memories of donning a white hat and white patent leather shoes as a girl and while I haven't passed along that fashionable tradition to my girls (yet!!) it's fun to try and find pretty but practical outfits that they'll wear throughout the summer too. I tried to make sure the dresses weren't too summery because we've gone to many an Easter morning mass having to wear tights and (cringe) boots thanks to some unspring-like storms.

I know there's a whole bunch of cute boys' clothing out there these days but I've never been awesome at finding it. I did my best but I'd love to hear if you've found any winners for your mini men. floral romper - for the lady babies. Something slightly off the beaten pink/white dress path (see below though). I always feel bad putting my crawlers in dresses because it's nearly impossible to crawl in a dress so I love to idea of a romper paired with a cardigan and tights for cooler climates. 

2. romper with tassels - same as above with a little bit of flare.

3. baby/toddler outfit with suspenders - I had great, great luck with finding cute boys' stuff for my sister's wedding at H&M (and they include the return label in the package which I REALLY appreciate) that washes and wears really well. It runs a little big but I was excited when I found this for Bosco.

4. baby boy romper - can't beat the quality of Mini Boden and this is about as sweet as it gets.

5. embroidered yoke dress (also comes in pink) - I've already dedicated a whole post to my love for embroidery and while a lot of people would argue that white is a dumb color/way to dress kids - I've found it's the easiest to keep clean with the help of bleach pens and bleach.

6. toddler tutu dress - both of my girls love tutu dresses and would wear them daily if they could.

7. skinny khakis - I've found that these fit well without looking like leggings and look find cuffed if they are a little long. Also - they come in a million colors.

8. shirt + bowtie set - sets can be a little cheesy looking but I thought this was one was cute.

9. gingham shirt + bowtie set - and then I saw this one and thought it was even cuter.

10. pink lace baby doll dress - believe it or not I've found some really cute dresses as Forever 21 for Julia - they passed the "wash and dry and didn't shrink up to crop tops" test too. Win/win.

11. girl's floral collared dress - a dress that I imagine would get passed down for years to come because of the quality and timeless nature of the pattern. Or maybe I'm imagining wrong - there's a first time for everything.

12. boy's chambray shirt - I did a post with Boden a few years ago and Simon still wears his shirt almost weekly for work and it still looks brand new. I love their boys button-ups because they can be left in the dryer for days and still not look like the wrinkled mess that they should.

13. boy's stretch khakis - for the older boys - love that these have a little stretch.

All she wrote. I've found very little on the maternity dress front in the way of floral/pastel/remotely cute so I'll probably wear my go-to with fun jewelry because I know it's been keeping you up at night.

Happy Wednesday, party people.


  1. Dapper Lads. They are the cutest little boy outfits ever! I have all boys, and my youngest wore one of their knicker outfits for one of the other brother's first communion celebration last year. They are really well made and the boys like wearing them too!

  2. I don't think it's maternity but this dress looks forgiving and comes in a couple gorgeous easter-y colors. Piper & scoot is my new fave - ordered 3 things from them in the last 3 months and none have been maternity and all have accommodated my incred large belly just fine:

  3. I'm not always the biggest fan of Carters, but they have 70% off Easter today only!!! I also saw some cute dresses on clearance that are extra 30% off!

  4. Oh, nuts... I haven't even begun to think about Easter clothes... The pastel button-ups with the bowties are adorbz. My 4-year-old son would love them. He really enjoys dressing up for church :)

  5. I got these for my 8 mo:

    And he needs a shirt to go with maybe this:

    or this:

    I love the boys clothes...and I didn't think I would. :)

  6. I have the dress from Boden. It's adorable!



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