first week of school y mas

13 August 2016

1. wellll, first half week.

... and so far, so great! Sebastian woke up this morning very upset to learn that that there's no school on Saturday and when asked what his favorite part of school is he answered, "all of it." Fingers crossed the enthusiasm isn't short-lived. One of the biggest things I anticipated missing about St. Louis was the kids' preschool but we really love their school here and I imagine if Simon gets a big kid job somewhere other in Tampa we will have a really hard time leaving because of the great school situation. Anyway, hopefully if you started school this week things went as smoothly as possible for you and yours.

2. Theo was pretty upset initially when he realized that his ride or die would be gone with Julia during the day but soon realized that he's now the daytime king of the Patton castle and is just fine.

Phoebe is starting to talk in incomplete sentences vs. monosyllabic shouts and I can see the beginnings of a beautiful friendship forming. No, that's a stretch -- but I know they'll buddy up just like Sebastian and Theo did during the last school year. At least, that's my hope.

3. So now that I have three kids at home during the day I am feeling p-r-e-t-t-y footloose and fancy-free. I'm taking advantage before the newness of the feeling fades and am in, "tackle a million home decor projects" mode - Simon is thrilled. I see a lot of chalk paint and this genius removable wallpaper in my future and I cannot wait.

4. Unrelated to anything but I'm forever on the hunt for good running (ahem, walking) music and I've been loving this song. I have terrible taste in music though so - be warned. Also - I didn't watch the video once I saw the snake (top on my tier of fears) so I have no idea if it's appropriate -- be warned again.

5. I finally finished The Hypnotist's Love Story and would give it a solid 3.5 It wasn't my favorite Liane Moriarty book (I think this one's still my favorite) but I didn't finish it feeling let down or like she'd just phoned in the ending like I've been feeling about a lot of books lately. Most of you were pretty positive about The Night Circus and thus far - I agree! My reading has slowed a bit since Simon has been insisting that we binge watch Unreal at night. That is only half true. But we are watching it and WE don't hate it.

6. I thrifted a top allllmost identical to this one yesterday and was so excited. I thought the bell sleeve trend was a bit much but -- like always! I've come around. I'm sure bell sleeves around the globe are thrilled to have me on board.

6.5 In a somewhat similar vein I just saw that Old Navy is having one of their 40% off everything sales (they happen a lot, I know I KNOW) but was thrilled to see I could replace Phoebe's power sweater. I'm loving that Refinery29 has their favorite Old Navy picks set aside and their selection of embroidered tops is impressive (this is my favorite). Okay - done, done DONE.

7. Speaking of thrilled - I can't tell you how happy I am that Fran is back to blogging. Bring all the blogs back, please and thank you.

Alright, Everlasting awaits.


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  1. That back to school photo is a FRAMER! So happy you guys have a school you love. The jumper and frilly socks would make me love it automatically, jk jk (but really so cute).

  2. I'm with you, we really love the school the boys go to, and moving again in six months will not be easy. Livin for the moment! Ha!

  3. Yay for back to school!! The plaid jumper brings back all the memories. Mine was grey, burgundy and white. Le sigh. It's nice to see that not much changes in the Catholic school uniform world in the last 35 years. LOL!

  4. What Alice Wrote is my favorite Moriarty book too...but I still haven't gotten my hands on her new release. Another fave author of mine is Kate Morton. Have you read any of hers? My favorite one is the Forgotten Garden.

  5. We only have 2 weeks to go before we start back to school and I am kind of sad. I miss our uniform days, because it saved us from morning drama.

  6. I've so missed Pheobe's power sweater. I hope that doesn't seem creepy, it was just such a sweet trademark for a little girl.

  7. So happy to hear you love your school!! I live in the Tampa area and my son isn't even 3 yet and I am already stressing about schools. Ah! All the public schools rate so stress :(

  8. Oh goodness, that first picture just melts my heart! I hope my kids pretend to like each other that much someday too ;] I’m always on the hunt for a new good show so I’ll have to see what Unreal is about!

  9. Grace, I've decided I'm going to start being a commenter. I totally agree on the 3.5 with the Hypnotist's Love Story, I felt like I kept rooting for the crazy stalker, which says a lot about me, ahem. Did you know she has a new book that came out 2 weeks ago? I keep adding it to my cart at Target then taking off as I see the total $$ rack up. Also your Old Navy shout out reminded me I've been wondering if you're going to try overalls? They have some that are pretty cute and half the price of another pair I've been eyeing. I think you could pull it off!

  10. Ahh the uniforms!!! I miss uniforms now :( so cute and easy. My hardest decision in the morning was long sleeve or short sleeve then! #collegelife



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