mini facelift for the bathroom

23 August 2016

You know those room makeovers that leave the before looking completely unrecognizable after the transformation has been revealed? Well, this is not one of those makeovers. This was just a non-surgical facelift. You might even like the before better than the after, to be honest.

So, here we go with the before ...


It wasn't terrible. It was (is still) a pretty standard bathroom.

You know that my biggest beef was the beige (only because the entire house was/is still sort of beige) on the walls, the tiles (floor and shower) and that they obviously used a different type/color of paint to touch up the window frame than it had originally been painted and looked as though they'd hired Phoebe to touch/blotch it up. All fixable! We're just not fixing all of it. We (and by we I mean mostly Simon) painted the walls white, repainted the window frame with a glossier white that they'd left behind and painted the vanity.

And the (keep your expectations LOW) after ...

Better? Slightly? I hope so.

Would I love to throw up some subway tile and replace the flooring and that countertop? YES. But, prudence, patience, and um ... maybe later. Not now.

I really, really wanted to paint the vanity a pretty pinkish coral to kind of detract from the dark countertop but Simon said it wouldn't be smart if/when we try to sell (I guess he has a point) so we went with navy and I painted the girls' dresser pink to get my fix (more on that soon, of course! of course.)

We sanded the vanity (we have this bad boy and it is worth EVERY PENNY and more!!) and bought paint with primer and gave it three coats of "true navy" by Behr, I believe it was - I know you were wondering.

I found these pulls which made quite a bit of difference and bought a $30 light fixture from Home Depot along with a new shower curtain (would anyone like to come iron it? thanks) and rug and dipped into my collection of fake plants to help things along.

and the corner where the hamper had been ...

... I need to put the hamper back and straighten the turtle but you get the general idea.

And I'll spare you the little room where the toilet and only the toilet is BUT Simon did build these shelves that I've styled to perfection in said room ...

Pin away.

So, that's that. Since this bathroom is upstairs and we rarely use it - it wasn't a huge priority to spruce up but since we fixed up the guest room we figured we might as WELL.

Onto other more pressing projects. Stay tuned!


  1. love! this may be just the motivation i needed to tackle our similarly ugly bathroom situation. LOVE that blue! nice work.

  2. LOVE the vanity. You have the same issue we do - STUPID UGLY bath/shower. I got a new vanity, painted, retiled the floor - but that damn ugly bath and surround are the bane of our home. Okay, maybe not since the kitchen is awful and we only have pine subflooring... *Sigh*

  3. Am I TERRIBLE if I say I hate the navy? Love you! You're wonderful. But I dislike the blue. It's competing with the vanity top, and contrasts harshly with the tile making it look more orange-y peach. I wouldve gone with a pale peachy pink! You're in florida! Home of beautiful tropical colors! I think it would pass for resale! But that's just the opinion of a random Internet stranger.

    1. haha I used the Florida argument with Simon - I'll let him know how you feel :)

  4. I think it looks great! :) Nice work.

  5. I was totally not expecting a navy vanity, but I like it!

  6. I really like it! I never would have thought of that color but it looks amazing.

  7. I really like it! I never would have thought of that color but it looks amazing.

  8. YAY! I love the way it came out. I feel like you wrote this for me, you did din't you? LOL! I need all the DIY help I can get, and you always have fun color ideas.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing some that is actually doable! It looks like a great refresh and is inspiring me to paint my problem bathroom walls and vanity. Soon. Maybe. I hope.

  10. LOVING that paint color for the vanity! Loving it!! You have great taste my friend.

  11. I just moved to a new place in your previous city of St. Louis, and I love the vanity re-do! Wish we could paint ours! The perfectly styled shelves picture is styled exactly like the (also very stylish) over-the-toilet shelving unit we have too. ;)



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