the beginning of the end

30 June 2014

or the VERY beginning of a VERY happy ending

Simon circa rightbefore he started residency.
He might kill me when he sees that they've been resurrected.
Hopefully not though. I'd miss you.

Julia is providing commentary right now as I type and says, "Wow! Sime looks happy, and grumpy, and smiley, and silly!"

On the $$$, Julia.

I promise not to make a big fussy production over all of these residency "firsts and lasts" BUT yesterday was the first day of Simon's first rotation of his fourth and final year of residency so some fuss was necessary.

Can I get an AMEN, an ALLELUIA, and maybe a small keg for two?

Simon bet me $8 (ask him ... his pick) that I would be sad and maybe even cry when he finishes. I wish we had bet one million dollars because he is out of his mind. Tears of abundant joy? Maybe but for the sake of victory I'll hold my jubilant self together. I'll win. Just wait.

One more year and then a whole bleep of a lot more freedom, Braveheart style. No more call weekends, nightfloat, or solo holidays. FREEDOM - the all caps kind.

And because I've been terrible and remiss in remembering any of Simon's gems of late ... here's a recent favorite that my mushy brain managed to retain:

We took the kids to a playground the other night and as we sat down on a bench and settled in for a relaxing evening of battling helicopters, keeping one eye on all the kids at all times, and bouncing Phoebe around just so while she fought sleep like a warrior princess, Simon sighed and said, "we should've brought a flask."

Amen, Alleluia, indeed.


  1. sounds like a GREAT thing to celebrate, cheers!

  2. WTG Sime! And WTG Grace! On a much smaller scale I helped get my first husband/baby daddy through training for him to be a licensed electrician which was our hope for him making a decent living. He struggled with the math so I had to teach myself his math and then teach it to him in a way he could understand. Once he finished and was legit, I felt like I had walked barefoot over broken glass to get him there. It felt like as much my achievement as his! One more year! You can do this! How funny would it be if you moved to Florida with five kids instead of just four? *evil laugh*

  3. You just gave me a photo project idea! My boyfriend of a few years starts med school this August and I think it would be interesting to capture him each year of his med school and residency career.

    On another note, congrats for almost making it through! You're in the homestretch!

    1. Genius!!!! I should've done something similar :)

  4. "We should've brought a flask" might be my next (um....and first) cross-stitch project.

  5. I can't wait till our last year! My husband has 2 left. Cause for much celebration indeed!

  6. Amen, Alleluia indeed! Bring on the flask my friends! Bring it on!!

  7. A flask? Why not a fifth and play nice with all the other mamas and papas! You'd be setting a bad example of sharing if you didn't.

  8. WOOHOO!!! Flask at the park is an excellent idea.

    I have to admit, I'm probably a helicopter parent. Mostly because I don't know what to do with myself at the park. So the flask would probably help.

  9. Woot woot, so exciting!! I'd say that deserves a keg or two ;)

  10. Congratulations!!! It's exciting that y'all are so close to being done with residency!

  11. Simply love your photos:-)
    So dont hope he get angree!
    Nice blog.




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