What I Wore Sunday

11 February 2013

1. photographer fired.
2. belated senior picture montage.

Another Sunday, another painfully predictable outfit. C'est la craziest life up in here. I had grand plans to get fancy with a skirt or a necklace or something but then all of a sudden we had negative 2 minutes to get in the car and three diapers still needed to be changed and 1.5 tantrums to hurdle and so I ran with my default kidney beans and life vest. Simon let me sleep in till 11 (!!!) after a week of 30 minutes of sleep a night thanks to my overactive imagination and some strong wind gusts so we had to suck it up and hit up a non-hospital, hour long Mass. The kids weren't terrible which was bee-zar.

I remember when Julia was a baby it would take me and Simon sometimes three different tries to get to Mass. We'd get her alllllll settled into her car seat with her caboodle of nonsense only to have her wake up and cry. Oftentimes we'd end up at a foreign parish at noon juggling lots of different tactics to keep her relatively quiet. Once we even made our first (and last!!) trip into the cry room full of rowdy 5 year olds because we felt bad interrupting anyone's train of worship with Julia's train of discontentment. It was probably just an unfortunate combination of rookie parenting and a not-so-great baby and really rookie parenting.

Now it's like ... oh, Theo's alllll alone in the pew because Grace is plucking Sebastian off of that nice lady's wheelchair and Simon is in the back dealing with Julia emotional meltdown number zillion of the hour? Yes, yes he is. We've come a long way, babies.

red, white and bluefit:
pants: Target
shirt: Forever XXI
sweater: Forever XXI
boots: Famous footwear
glasses: c/o Firmoo

kids' Mass behavior:
Julia: B+ (took off and lost her boots a few too many times)
Sebastian: B+ (the wheelchair incident kept him from an inaugural A)
Theodore: A+ (hopefully this keeps up .... forever, thanks)

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  1. I have a wonderful mental image of Sebastian attacking a parked wheel chair and its inhabitant. Oh, btw, I'm holding you to your word that boys are easier babies, bc i sure hope there is minimal new baby mass drama in just t-minus 3 months.

  2. same awesome mental image of Sebastian on the wheelchair... still laughing.
    i think i bought those pants at Target the other day, then I wore them for like 10 minutes and they were all stretched out and baggy so i took them back to get a smaller size and there were NONE!! and i was so sad. so i just bought them in 2 other colors. moral of that story? i love those pants, especially in that color and i will always remember when i had them for a day...

    1. also, you look great! i really really love that sweater.

  3. I also love your sweater! There should be a secret primer for new Catholic parents about what to do when kids lose it during Mass, because uggg... and I also find weird little quirks between parishes, which

  4. I wish we lived closer, then Sebastian could hang out in the back of our church with me and Miss Courtney. He could climb all he wants and push her all he wants and Miss C would just giggle. Then you could actually have a quiet contemplative experience...heh...miracles happen!

    You look good my friend. I wish I could wear the puffy vest. Unfortunately it would make me look like the StayPuff Marshmallow Man's identical twin. Not the look I was going for!

    Have a great week and stay sane!!

  5. I've been on a hunt for a camel cable sweater (try saying that 10 times fast...)--I love how you styled yours! Red with light blue is one of my favorite color pairings.

  6. awwwee we have had very similar experiences with mass! It's so funny to look back on the days when we had only one little baby and we overreacted over every. little. thing. I like your outfit. I love all the layers! I think we are having a very early spring here and if I walked outside looking like that right now people would just laugh. I am however, making a mental note for next year!

  7. LOVE this outfit! In fact, I have all of the components (except the blue puffy vest) so I will probably be wearing this next week.

    Not at all creepy and stalkerish...

  8. You look fantastic, and I love the shade of those pants.

  9. you really are making me want/need to go out and get a navy vest! very, very cute! i'm jealous of how much you can layer! i'd look ultra top heavy if i did! also, i feel so close yet so far away looking at your pics - anthony is in st. louis right now and has been all weekend with a bus load of hs seniors...having lots of fun while i've been having fun(?) tending to the twins solo...

  10. You need to pose awkwardly against a tree for true senior photo awkwardness. Next week :P And I swear they think wheelchairs are some sort of hybrid bicycle/ride-on toy - I've totally had the same issue!

    You look way cute! I can't get over how tiny you are already!

  11. Cry rooms are the worst. I refuse.

    Your outfit is the best. I approve.



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