Over the Weekend

04 February 2013

This is what went down around here:

Julia slammed her finger in the door to the upstairs (and there was blood so I ran away) and Simon convinced me that she had severed her finger off completely (not funny then, not funny now).

Sebastian fell alllllll the way down the stairs to the basement on two separate occasions and was perfectly fine both times. 

Simon baked two loaves of banana bread and a batch of hearty peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.

I went to the gym. Twice. For approximately 19 minutes and almost suffered a painful death by mortification. Twice.

Theo slept 7 hours during the day. Theo did not sleep 7 hours during the night.  I resolved (again!!) to stop letting Theo sleep so much during the day.

We took this family photo ...
oops, forgot the stinkpot ...

and Julia's spectacles.

Saw that a kind heart nominated us for one of these. (Thank you, kind heart!! And thank you to anyone that casts a vote in our direction!!)

Saw a crazy uptick in spam comments for some reason but still refuse to turn on word verificrazy because I don't hate you. 

Simon and I watched that terribly tragic episode of Downton from last week. We knew it was coming and it was still sort of unbelievable.

And we fired up the old night float rotation which is always good for a happy dance. I tried to take the kids to visit Simon on Sunday to watch a bit of the Bowl and drop off some of these. Instead I ended up circling the parking garage for an hour. I don't think I'd truly lived until I lived to type about waiting for Simon to break free from his ladies while holding Theo's pacifier in (never in the history of pacifiers has their been a baby that is worse at keeping a stupid pacifier in) and ripping open fruit snack packs from the Costco box that has made a home in the front seat of the van (my middle name? Shame. Why do you ask?) with my bare teeth and chucking them in the back to Tweedle Antsy and Tweedle Antsier while listening to Kelly Clarkson and other awesomely bad and tired beats. We did eventually see Simon for four whole minutes before something urgent pulled him away so hopefully this doesn't read as an ungrateful complaint. So, this month of night float is off to a super stellar start, slivers of silver linings and all.


  1. Best family pictures ever. ever ever.
    Boo to nightfloat!
    And seriously, that episode was a heart breaker.
    Also, thank you from the bottom of my blind heart for not turning on the words.
    Sending sleep vibes Theo's way!

  2. thank you for not turning word verification on...i can never get them right on the first (or 5th?) try, and start to feel like maybe i AM a robot..."is that an L or a 1?!"..

    that family photo is a framer for sure ;)

  3. Julia's shirt is different in the pictures?

  4. Framers for sure. Ryan and Basher together would be a stairway to chaos...Ryan is addicted to the stairs

  5. I hate night float, we have a couple of months before my husband has it for another full month, ick. I think he's seen the kids for a total of 5 mins the past 2 days. Good luck in surviving it!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not turning on word verification.

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  7. I love that you go to visit Simon at work. I think it's great that he gets to see his kids even if it is only for 4 minutes between birthing babies. Sometimes when I think my life is hard, I think about yours and say a little prayer for you. These are the tough days, my dear, and you're doing amazing!

  8. Thank you for NOT turning on the comment verification. I've noticed the same -- tons of spam comments, but I hate the other option so I just resort to manual deletion, I guess.

  9. Those pictures are too much!! Love them.

    That episode almost killed me. I knew who would die, but it was so horrible! (I mean the death itself, not the episode, which was well done except I want to know what idiot thought it would be a good idea to intersperse humorous scenes with that nightmare-like storyline. Comic relief is all well and good, but one can go too far.

  10. I could use Mac photobooth as a babysitter with my crew. And my oldest son Byron also repeatedly fell down the steps as a toddler and seems normal enough. Any "issues" I chalk up to my husband's genes more than anything. Totally not negligent parenting.

  11. If I've said it once, I'm pretty sure I've said it at least a thousand times (and that's just to you excluding everyone else I ever talk to), I don't know how you put up with a whole month of night float at a time!! You're my hero(ine--does anyone still say the fem versh?)! Even if the total of week long night float adds up to the same as the month long ones you guys do by the end of the year, I would so take one night float week a month to an entire month at a time. So anyway that is to say, I am embarrassed by how much I complain about it and I will be offering up our almost upon us week for you guys! Good luck and I'll be sending some prayers up for you!

  12. Loooove the pics, so funny- frame them. Also, the kid injuries- you poor thing. Falling down the stairs is my worst fear as far as those go...glad the kids are okay! I totally don't blame you for letting him sleep during the day- the fewer kids to manage the better ;)

  13. downton. gooooshhhh that episode did me in. sybil was my fave. sybil and anna. so if something happens to anna season four, i'm done with you downton. also, i thought about remaining a kind heart but i could also tell you that i nominated you. more people should know about your blog cause we all need some funny slash cute kids slash style slash whatever else you decide to post monday thru friday. i mean, a lot of people know about it already but more, more, more! and simon seems to do a lot of baking. i don't think steve's ever baked. so send over some banana bread next time he's doing his thing in the kitchen.

  14. Your family is awesome. That is all.

  15. I see that everybody's favorite backpack-toting adventurer also made an appearance in the second take. Front and (almost)center. fabulous.

  16. i make gooey cinnamon squares from the smitten kitchen cookbook that were part snickerdoodle cookie and part gooey-butter cake. i of course thought of your cookies. and then, i of course over-baked it so the gooey part wasn't so gooey. i'll make those cookies one day, i swear!

  17. I still need to make the butter cookies. I think I am just holding out for the weigh in at today's ob. Why do they do that to us? I know I'm big. Forget it.

  18. Those family photos = awesome! Love, love, love it!

  19. I love your family. I love your stories. I love that you make family chaos not such a abnormal thing. Much love to camp patton :)



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