20 February 2013

1. Tossed him in
2. Grandma's mascara done right and a giant teacup

3. after a long night of work for one and a long night of awake for the other
4. Serene whilst driving Bash on dry land crazy with bath time jealousy

5. she didn't get that volume from her mom
6. 3 weeks vs. 4 weeks (comparing kids and finding fancy fonts are hobbies of mine)

7. the big kids are down ... PARDY
8. happy x 1.5

9. taking a break from his futile attempts to get out
10. fresh

11. I don't see the neighbors often but when I do ... I make sure I'm rocking my moose pants and housecoat
12. "is? is? is? is? is? is? is?" (new word, no clue)

13. cheer up
14. practice eventually made almost perfect

15. menace and mom.
16. NOPE.


  1. Your kids are SO precious, Grace! I really stalking ya'll...

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  3. Sarah, you're not the only one who enjoys cyber stalking the Pattons!

  4. Oh man, like already said, that pic of Julia and Theo, ohmygoodness, cute!! And the rest of them!

  5. Love all of these. Thank goodness that Bash shows no signs of exhibiting any middle child angst just yet- Mr. Jolly!

  6. I love how Theodore always has a quizzical look on his face.

  7. So great - I just don't know where to comment! And NONE of mine EVER took a pacifier. Or sucked their thumbs. So you know what the "pacifier" of choice was. Sigh.

  8. #5 made me laugh out loud.
    Your kids are so cute! Ahhh!

  9. love these pics.

    who's getting fresh with theo!?

  10. love all your pictures! Your kiddos are so cute! And so full of character :)

  11. your captions are the best. i still can't get over how much theo and bash look alike in the comparison pics!

  12. well, I feel like I just spent a day (or two or three) with the Pattons.

  13. Thank you, that was just what I needed on this snowy, headache-y, bill-ridden day!

  14. oh, they are all so so so so cute.

  15. dude, get him a blue pacifier. maybe then he'll take it. hee hee. says the woman with all boys who will never have a pink pacifier in her life. waaa

  16. Your baby is adorable! I love his squishy, wrinkly face. :)

  17. Kiddos!! So cute. Love your captions. As always :)

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