the SNOO: a review

08 November 2017

I don't get many people sliding into my DMs but when they do it's often to ask my thoughts on the relatively new SNOO they see in the occasional story a la Instagram. Does it "work"??!! Is it as amazing as it seems?! Where did you get that bassinet?!

Well, I'm here to report back that yep, it's pretty amazing. It works. I really, really wish I'd had it for the other kids. Abe is our best sleeper (10-12 hours at night!) despite being constantly woken up for school runs and several trips that messed with his schedule the first few months of his little life and I just don't think it's a coincidence.

Happiest Baby rocking my happiest baby.

It's such a genius concept: combine the safety + security of a swaddle + a very slight rocking motion + just the right amount of white noise = magic. If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know what a big sound machine/white noise fan I am and I love that this has it built right in.

Let's break it all down, starting with the swaddle. The swaddle is removable and machine washable and comes in different sizes (Abe is currently in a medium) and is made out of stretchy but breathable material. Step one involves the straps that come together with velcro ...

... this is when Abe gets excited (think Pavlov's dog) because he is that bizarrely happy kid but I tell myself it's because he knows the value of a good nap.

Next and final step is to zip him up ... and say goodnight ...

The SNOO can sense/hear if the baby starts to fuss or cry and rocks slightly faster and the white noise gets louder in an effort to soothe him or her to sleep. These can also be controlled from across the house via the SNOO's handy dandy app. As the baby gets older and you'd rather they not be rocked throughout their naps or through the night you can set the SNOO to  the "weaning" setting to wean them off the rocking/noise.

First baby able to consistently nap in a light room without blackout shades. It's the little things.

I'm wondering if they'd design one for adults? Weird? No.

One of my favorite things about the SNOO is that if (heaven forbid) Abe is woken up by a wandering toddler or curious Phoebe - he can easily fall right back to sleep. The SNOO is the safest baby bed on the market because it keeps the baby on his/her back all night long. The swaddle wings that attach to the clips on the sides of the mattress prevent any accidental rolling.

Abe doesn't need them but if you're child needs to sleep on a slight incline - they recently came out with little risers to put under the bassinet pad. They've thought of everything.

Want to win one? Of course you do. Well, it's your lucky day because Happiest Baby is generously giving one away to one Camp Patton reader over on Instagram.

Best of luck!!

Happiest Baby provided the above SNOO for review but as always - all opinions are mine and mine alone :)


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