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23 November 2017

1. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope you had a good one! Ours was super low key and ended with a fun night with friends, some fellow "pilgrims" in a foreign Floridian land. Sometimes I get tempted to throw a teeeeeeny pity party around holidays that we aren't with our families but then I think back to residency and snap out of that nonsense RILL QUICK.

2. I took no photos today but here's a photo of a little family nature walk we took this past weekend ...

... Julia is reading the placard about the Great Blue "Hair - ON" (her consistent and confident pronunciation) to her siblings who could not care less :).

3. I know I might be the last person to still be watching but did anyone else watch the fall finale of Grey's Anatomy? Was anyone else as shocked as I was? Simon semi-watches with me and was even super surprised and not so thrilled that we have to wait until January to see what happens. Simon and I did start watching Julian Fellowes' new series and while it's no Downton ... we're giving it a shot.

4. I kind of feel like I'm fumbling around trying to set up a MySpace page (the blurry photo for starters) as a grown woman but I have a new Amazon Influencer (is influencer not the worst word to come out of 2k17? it IS) page if you wanna take a click and look around. If not, I'll only be ever so slightly offended. Winky face. You see? MySpace.

5. Simon and the kids saw people pitching tents outside Best Buy today at 2pm (they were on a mission to find some evaporated milk - planners-r-us) ... I don't know why it surprised me but there must be some crazy deals to be had in person????? Right?!

6. I was excited to see almost alllll of the coats in my coat post are on serious sale but I will not be venturing out at all hours to see them in person slash pitching any sort of tent. I did order this one after it was discounted an additional 20% off the sale price. I have unrealistically high hopes but I realize I originally wanted navy or black so I'm already anticipating returning it and going for my original pick. Or this one.

7. Any big sales/scores you care to share? I'll go first.

the deep discounts over yonder caught my eye. I don't need a new cardigan but if I did - this is one of my very favorite brands and the colors! They can't be beat!

Half off EVERYTHING here made me do a double take.

+ 40% off the entire store (including another coat contender) + free shipping almost seems too good to be true.

+ Kindles 4 everyone at killer deals. The 8 qt. Instant Pot at a record low Amazon price.

+ 50% off my favorite workout leggings.

I'll add more as I find them or tack them onto my IG story like the wannabe Millennial that I am.

Happy Friday that feels like a Sunday eve!!




  1. I still watch Greys! I was kinda shocked with how it ended until I remembered it was the "winter finale" so they have to make it (more) crazy (than usual). I still DO NOT like Jackson and Maggie. Just no.



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