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16 November 2017

I know I mentioned a few posts back that I'm in the market for a new winter coat (as opposed to a summer coat). While my current coat hasn't gotten a ton of wear since we moved to Florida it's 10+ years of wear are showing and if I sew the top button back on one more time I think it might revolt and run away forever. Maybe. As a terrible creature of habit I'm looking for a coat almost identical but perhaps a little bit higher quality than my current situation. I'm committed to the funnel neck (also called a "stand collar" I recently discovered) but can't decide between navy or black. Here's what I've been perseverating over for the past few days ... 

Will I likely let it go for one more year and chew my nails down to nubs because decisions like this are just TOO MUCH? Yes. But it's still fun to lay out all the options. Funnish.

1. Wool Blend Coat - If this one came in black or navy I wouldn't be writing this post because it would already be safe and sound in my closet. I LOVE it but don't love the color. Not sure why I included it ... maybe I'll have a change of heart?

2. Pressed BouclĂ© Coat - This might be my top choice - maybe. It's on sale and it doesn't look cheap but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

3. Stand Collar Coat - Actually maybe this one is my favorite. I love the sleeve detail and that it's a trustworthy brand. And on sale.

4. Wool Blend Topper - this is a close second (technically third?) but I can't decide if I like the hidden buttons or not?

5. Funnel Neck Wool Blend Coat - If I got this one I think I'd want to replace the buttons to the ones on the green version which I know I'd procrastinate for a very long time.

6. Wool Blend Stadium Coat - this reminds me so much of the much pricier J.Crew version but I feel like this is something I would've worn in high school? Which actually isn't necessarily a bad thing ...

7. Charcoal Wool Blend Coat - I have a few things from this brand that I love so I included it but wish it came in black or navy.

8. L.L. Bean Boiled Wool Coat - went off the beaten path a bit and found this - I'm guessing it's the warmest of the bunch but it also doesn't scream, "quality coat" -- does it?

Anyway, so there we have it. Do you have a favorite? Purchase a coat recently that you'd recommend with a funnel neck? Please - do share!!!


  1. LL Bean is the BEST in terms of quality! Everything I have ever owned from them (which is a lot) has been amazing. Best of all? Lifetime warranty. Wears out? They'll send you a new one, or a gift card for the price of the item if they no longer carry it. Highly, highly recommend if you can find something you like by them.

  2. Have you checked Zara? They have a ton of coats and usually run 30% off for black friday. I don't own any wool coats from them (yet) but have a parka that is pretty good quality for the price.

  3. I recently got this Pendleton coat from Nordstrom Rack and it is as perfect as any I've ever had. I think it's a funnel neck? It feels like one. Anyways, its not too hot/heavy which is a requirement for me - and it looks good dressed up or down if that matters at all.

  4. I got this last year from J Crew Factory, and I *love* it! The quality is great.

    Their city coat also looks nice.

  5. LL Bean is great quality!! Definitely recommend. The only issue I've had is that a lot of their things are cut wide/are boxy. But with this type of coat it probably doesn't matter?

  6. I'm also in the market for a new coat. There's a similar coat to 6 on J Crew factory that's less than the one you have linked

  7. I love LL Bean and they have super quality stuff. I have never been disappointed with a purchase from there. Maybe it isn't a 'trendy' brand but the definitely stand up in quality and looks. Before even reading the descriptions I liked that one the best. My second choice would be 6.

  8. I LOVE the one at #6, in that blue.'s beautiful.

  9. I love 1, 6, and 8. That probably doesn't help you at all. Haha!

  10. All I can tell you is that I have an LL Bean navy wool pea coat that my parents bought for me in HIGH SCHOOL - many, many, many moons ago. And it still looks and wears awesome. You cannot go wrong with LL Bean.

  11. LLbean will definitely be your highest quality! And they will most likely have a great sale for Cyber Monday. Also, you can't beat their return policy!

  12. number 1 dude. clear winner here. just pretend its black. easy.



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