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13 November 2017

1. Much to the chagrin of many a blog reader I used to do a meticulous job of recording any noteworthy (and not) events on this here blog. Now, I'm posting a photo from Abe's baptism that happened back in September.

With no Abe. (Thanks to Simon's brother's sweet girlfriend Marquel for this photo!!) 

2. On a culinary note - my mom made the best zucchini bread growing up and so I decided to make some in muffin form the other morning before the kids woke up as a nice change of pace from the, "grab a granola bar or string cheese" as everyone tears out the door for school. So, I did. Long story short? I accidentally used turmeric instead of nutmeg and they tasted awful. Unfortunate story unfortunater? The three big kids and Simon still gobbled them up while tearing out said door. Yum. I also royally screwed up the world's easiest and most delicious pb+chocolate delicacy around tonight so maybe I should just call it good on 2k17: kitchen edition. 

3. I was hoping to get this up by Friday but now it's Monday and I'm wondering if I should just pretend I'm REALLY on the ball for this upcoming Friday? Probably. But, we all know the truth.

4. THANK YOU for all of your wonderful book recommendations! My hold list at the library is a million (give or take) miles long all thanks to you! I'll admit that I dove right into a lighthearted romance (I can't help myself!!!) and am a big fan thus far. 

5. On Riverdale - we happily forged ahead but I'll admit it was killing me (pun alert) and I totally Googled, "who killed Jason???" -- ha. I surprised myself because I hate spoilers; I don't know what came over me. 

6. Abe, Simon, and I went up to Wichita this past weekend and while it wasn't COLD cold it was coldish and I'll admit that I stopped to admire a pair of these pretties (ugglies?) this morning at Nordstrom Rack (got sidetracked looking for dress shoes for the girls - as one DOES) and then I saw that they're having an online flash sale this week. Fortuitous? Perhaps! Perhaps. 

7. Maybe I just haven't noticed in past years but doesn't it seem like a lot of retailers are jumping the Black Friday gun this year? I'm not complaining - merely noting. Any sales in particular that've caught your eye? I'm pretty skilled at dragging my feet until the week before Christmas but in an effort to be more fully present during Advent (yes, we've all heard that phrase a zillion times but it doesn't make it any less true, right? right) I really want to pick out thoughtful gifts prior to December. We recently discovered these at Simon's sisters house and they are an easy stocking stuffer no-brainer since the kids love them + they're useful. I'd like to get Simon some interview trail accessories and aside from scouring this fall sale ... that's about as far as I've gotten.

Anyway, that's THAT.

Hope your week is off to an above average start :)


  1. The backwards dress looks very nice, and I never would've known :)
    Always love your posts!

    Do you reuse baptismal gowns? My three kiddos were all baptized as infants, but due to moving/finding churches/etc., they were all baptized at different SIZES of infant, so I have three different outfits :p

    || ||

    1. yes! my siblings and I all wore it and all my kids have worn it at varying ages :)

    2. That's very cool :) I love sharing the baptismal gown through the generations!

  2. We love those camelbak water bottles! Very durable and can be used with or without the straw.

  3. Sephora has a great pre-black Friday sale. Easy gift ideas for moms/sisters/yourself.

  4. Sephora has a great pre-black Friday sale going on. Fun gifts for mom/sister/yourself

  5. We have the Camelbak Eddy for our little guy and we LOVE it. :)

  6. I️ appreciated all the book refs from your comments too and filled my library hold list! Next up is Awakening of Miss Prim...



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