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18 November 2016

1. When your husband is out of town and you take all the kids to Ikea on a Saturday (it wasn't as bad as I thought -- but we won't ALL be returning for quite some time :)) you get photographic evidence. Times two. (I just really needed their $25 high chair and refused to wait another minute - logic has forever been my strong suit)

2. I'm guessing you've seen it making the Facebook rounds BUT in case you haven't ... as if I needed another reason to LOVE Amazon Prime this commercial is so good. Also, I just saw that today and today only Prime memberships are $20 off. Yee haw.

3. Unless you're name is Simon Patton (who looked at me like I had 12 heads when I brought them up) you're familiar with the mannequin challenges that are spreading like wildfire right now. This might be the most impressive I've seen yet. But maybe you've seen one that beats it?

4. SO I've accepted the listening to Outlander is going to be a marathon and not a sprint but I'm not a quitter so I'm hydrated and ready but that doesn't mean I'm not taking the briefest of pauses to enjoy both The Hopefuls and Falling because they both (fortuitously? I think so) came off the holds list this past week. Run-on sentences have also always been a strength of mine.

5. I was thrilled to see these critter shoes for toddlers (I love the Old Navy version but always wish they had an elastic strap) earlier this week and you know I love a good pair of Natives dupes - the originals are great but the wannabes have yet to disappoint. Speaking of shoes - I need a pair of grey shoes for my sister's wedding so I'm keeping an eye on Shopbop's inventory but if you've happened upon a pair appropriate for a winter wedding - I'd be much obliged!

6. So I watched Bad Moms while Simon was gone and I enjoyed it (I'd give it a 7.5). On the viewing docket for Simon's next trip is: How to be Single because I've seen a few of my favorite bloggers/snappers say how much they love it. Also! I was so happy for the This Is Us solidarity. I've started to catch up this week and it's growing on me so I'll sure I'll be bandwagon groupie status in NO time.

7. I had the genius idea to try to diy one of those cool train tables for the kids with a table we were going to get rid of. LOLOL. It's totally going to be one of those, "buy all the crafting supplies to make earrings for $29.99 when you could just buy the real deals for $9.99" and the end product is going to be a laughable embarrassment. I'll show you the finished product if it's even 1/4 as awesome as I'm uncharacteristically optimistically envisioning.

And I'll leave you on that inspiring note. Hope you have a happy weekend in the works!

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  1. Don't give up on The Outlander. Jamie and Claire are literally the best thing to ever happen. I'm totally not a time traveler enthusiast so I thought I would hate the books but I am currently on book 7: An Echo in the Bone. It's hard to get started and remember all the dang characters but it does suck you in.

    And I never knew I was an expert on a book series until now. If you hate it, forget this comment all together. ;)

  2. I wasn't super impressed with was fine but far from my favorite of her books.

  3. I love that cheap ikea high chair. I understand the urge. :)

  4. Please share your high chair review! I've had my eye on that. Like every time I wipe all the annoying corners in the space savers we have for our brood. C'mon Fisher Price, how many kids in history young enough for a high chair have EVER used a cup holder?!
    And I am a hard core This Is Us groupie (likely because we adopted triplets), so always excited to hear more reviews of that!

    1. I love the IKEA high chair! I have 4 kids and have tried 3 different chairs and finally got smart with our recent baby and bought the IKEA one. It's by far my favorite and cleans like a dreeeeam :)

  5. That mannequin challenge was crazy! They must be so strong to hold those poses! Did you see this one?

    Also, I'm a huge fan of the Ikea $25 high chair. It's small, it's easy to clean, it's not an eyesore! I was so happy when I finally got rid of my expensive fabric covered high chair that my first child had used and traded it in for the ikea one for my second (and third) child. :)

  6. My fave mannequin challenge so far!

  7. I did the same thing, IKEA wise, with 5 kids for the high chair and I wasn't disappointed. Plastic forever!

  8. How To Be Single is the best, and coming from a single gal, is creepily accurate!

  9. I will be yet another blogger to endorse this - How To Be Single is an amazing and HILARIOUS movie!

  10. Beware of Falling. I put it down with about 30 pages to go because it made me SO mad. Have you read Penny Vincenzi's books?



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