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04 November 2016

1. We'll start with the most important take (don't think that I'm kidding) and talk about: hair. Julie's hair curling tutorial has cut my curling time in half - maybe more. It took me some practice and cursing but I'll never go back to my wand.

2. Speaking of YouTubers (I know I'm late to the game but it seems to be the fun new thing that's going to stick around -- I'll be tortoising it forever and ever in blogland but I am loving the YouTube phenom) ... Brissa is another fun one to follow. If you have any other recs - I'd be much obliged!

3. I promise not to mention Poldark again for a week or two but I feel a kindred connection to Ross and Demelza as their firstborn is also named Julia Grace. Simon's sister Elizabeth is married to a Francis so there's that connection too but Simon has never been in love with her - which is where our Poldark parallels end.

4. So, I'm giving Outlander a go. I went back and forth about reading vs. listening so I started listening to see how I liked the narrator (my short foray into audiobooks has taught me that narrators can make or break books for me - which is why I had to switch to reading The Light Between Oceans) and I actually love the Outlander narrator. I can hear your collective sighs of relief from here. Most books I listen to are between 10-15 hours long (I do speed them up as much as my speed listening skills allow) but Outlander is 32. Crazytown.

5. They've been doing road construction outside our house for a couple of weeks now and I thought baby Bash was obsessed with trucks but Bosco is OBSESSED with trucks. I think he says, "truck!!!" 199 times a day - not an exaggeration (for once) so he has been in stare-happy heaven lately. Are the construction workers creeped out by the toddler that barely breaks to blink while quietly staring and staring and staring? Probably. Sorry guys.

When the project is complete I suspect they'll be a long period of serious mourning. Black outfits and all.

6. I was going to poll you folks about your favorite face masks but then I saw that Blythe blogged about hers so -- no need. Unless I hate her suggestion. Jk, jk. But if you do have a favorite - let a lady know!

7. We're painting our bedroom grey this weekend but now that I'm looking at the paint I bought -- it definitely looks silver (and is that a hint of a shimmer I'm detecting?!). I'll keep you posted - you know I ALWAYS do.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. POLDAAAAAAARK!!! I'm halfway through the first season and so in love. Ross and Demelza are IT. Also! Look into books narrated by Luke Daniels (he did the Brilliance series). He's amazing. Like he could narrate a cereal box and I'd be hooked on every word. I had to do a double take when I saw MY name on your blog. WHAT?! Thanks for the shoutout, girl. You're making me feel like a real life sunglasses emoji.

  2. origins charcoal mask. hands down best ever. zits gone in an instant.

  3. The Light Between Oceans! I read it recently and LOVED it. And bawled at the end, that too.

  4. I very much agree about the narrator of The Light Between Oceans. I'm pushing through (since I simply don't have time to read non-school books right now *sob*) but I know I'm missing some details. I find that male narrators are harder to follow than female narrators for me and when its coupled with an accent, it's really hard!

  5. there was construction outside my house one time, and my son sat and watched and watched and watched...
    i asked the workers about it and they said that almost everywhere they go they have an audience of toddlers!

  6. Gahhh, YouTube! I discovered the phenom while pregnant with my twins and on bed rest. I got so sucked in, I started a channel once I started coming up for air with newborns. Our channel is "The Fisch Fam"! We also live in Tampa :) Favorites to follow: Ellie and Jared, Kendra Atkins, Mimi Ikonn, Allison Anderson, Nat and Wes (and the Rest).

  7. Also obsessed with YouTube! I mostly watch beauty channels and these guys are my faves: Tati, Kathleen Lights, and Tanya burr. Zoella is also a fave but she is just general lifestyle. So good!

  8. Also obsessed with YouTube! I follow mostly beauty channels and these are my faves: Tati, Kathleen Lights, and Tanya Burr. Zoella is also a favorite but general lifestyle and not just beauty.

  9. I always feel the slightest tinge of guilt for how thankful I feel at my children's interest in utility workers. It's kinda like having a momys helper you don't have to pay 😔

  10. Que Bella Charcoal facemask @ target : cheap. lasts for 2-3 applications. it is sooooooooo tingly. i am obsessed.

  11. I can't stand listening to books! I hate being read to



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