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23 November 2016

Please tell me I'm not the only one with kids that love to watch those surprise egg videos on YouTube? I hope not. And if so, I'm sorry that post title makes NO sense.

I've had uncharacteristically good luck with a few drugstore beauty aisle purchases this past month and you know I can't resist telling you allll about them. If you're in stocking stuffer/secret santa/gift exchange mode (welllll you might not want to be gifting concealer but! it's your life) these would definitely be winners. While I'm taking my skin care a lot more seriously and occasionally will try out nicer makeup - it's still fun to find dupes and I've found that sometimes I actually like the cheaper stuff better. Sometimes! Not always. I did come thisclose to buying this cult favorite with an almost expired gift card the other day but I didn't pull the trigger. Yet. (Now I see there's a gift with purchase though SO ... that changes everything!)

Okay, you've got food to prep. I'll make it snappy.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Totemly Yours - I know people love Bubble Bath and Ballet Slippers but I really love a slightly darker nude nail polish to break up my stints with my dark/black nails. This is my very favorite. Phoebe had a field day dumping allllll my polish in our closet the other day and while I was upset about the hourS of inevitable clean up - I was most upset that she had completely emptied my bottle of this. Priorities Patton. I'm still loving the Orly base coat and the Seche Vite top coat combo for no chip/long wear perfection too.

L'Oreal Voluminous Original - Jolie sent me this stuff and I'm surprised I haven't tried it before because I do love a good mascara safari but I love it. I've been using Tarte's Tartiest Lash Paint but keep reaching for the this tube instead. The Tarte stuff is great but for a fraction of the price - this stuff is GOOD and perfect for everyday wear.

NYX Butter Lipstick - Sandy Kiss - I have tried a few pricier lipsticks (MAC and Dior's Lip Glow) and I REALLY love this stuff. As the professionals say - it's pigmented and goes on very nice. Is it all day liquid lipstick? No. But, it's great to keep in your purse if your lips tend to get dry like mine do and you also like a bit of color to boot.

Almay Smart Shade - I'm sure I was the last to notice that I've developed slight (or maybe not so slight but I pretend that they are slight) under eye circles and with the help of a beauty blender - this does the lightest coverage trick. It does come out of the tube looking like a million different colors but it blends really well. This is not heavy coverage so if that's your thing - this is not for you. I use the light/medium shade. I follow up with a light dusting of this mineral peptide powder and adios forever, circles. Or, at least for the duration of the day.

Have you picked up any winners lately? Or have any longtime favorites?

oh! thank you SO much for all of your Thanksgiving recipe help on Monday! I'm off to make a last minute run to the store - I'm hoping it's not a terrible, terrible mistake. Maybe I'll keep scouring this crazy sale for juuuuust a few more minutes. Procrastination has always been a good friend of mine

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!


  1. I'm pretty impressed by the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. I hate chipping polish so having a polish that stands up to mom life for more than 36 hours is nice. Of course, I'm still too lazy to remember to use it...but when I do, it's only gel from now on.

  2. The Miracle Gel is so good. I am usually so bad at doing my own nails. The way this stuff goes on makes my skills pretty decent!

  3. 1) Omg my kids love those egg videos too. cray
    2) I love that gloss, I have the west coast color, I think. I may check out that other color too—keep it in my car (van)!
    3) Keep the drugstore recs coming, I love them! Have you seen the "Soap & Glory" line at your local Walgreens? We just got it and I want to try everything.

  4. I definitely need to try more from NYX, they're an awesome brand!

    Anika |

  5. We told my daughter you tube was broken because she kept watching them and once an ad was some uncensored rap song. Imagine hearing that coming from the iPad in between Frozen and Paw Patrol eggs.
    The Garnier tinted under eye roller is awesome!

  6. I sell R&F too! I've been using it for five months and it has done wonders for my skin. I'll have to try the NYX.

  7. yes my kids are obsessed with those egg videos!! on the one hand, I'm like, "Um, who on earth has time to film these??" but then on the other hand, I think, "Wow, why couldn't I think up something so seemingly stupid - yet genius at the same time - way to make some passive income??" And why do my kids love these ridiculous videos?? thanks for the recs. I heart drug store beauty products.



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