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06 November 2016

I know I said I wouldn't mention Poldark again but then we watched the season finale and I'm not sure I'll recover anytime soon - if ever. To distract myself and in an effort not to dissolve into an ocean of tears I watched with one eye on the finale and one eye on my craft: a collage of pink sneakers (tennis shoes? you decide). I don't have my finger firmly on all the trends but the color pink/blush/rose gold/dusty rose/etc seems to be on the rise. My 7-year-old self would be quite pleased because she really, truly, and literally (yes - literally) thought heaven was just rows and rows of hot pink converse in her size - selfless child that Grace. Anyway, I feel like a bit of a hypocrite because I just bought and love these purple (eggplant?) tennis shoes - Julia loves them too because her favorite color is purple (heaven forbid she and Phoebe have the same favorite color) but if they come out in any sort of pink anything - I'm all over it.

I keep going back and forth and side to side but I think my favorites are 3, 7, and 8? I think. I'll change my mind momentarily.

1. Adidas Fresh Bounce Running Shoes

2. Asics Onitsuka Tiger

3. Nike Air Max

4. New Balance Classics

5. Charlie Sneakers

6. Classic Reeboks

7. Rose Gold Reeboks

8. Adidas Los Angeles

9. Coral New Balance

I'm always keeping my eye on Shopbop's inventory too because they often have styles that sell out SUPER fast everywhere else. And now I'm off to convince Simon that we should watch The Crown. Wish me LUCK.

Happy Sunday.


  1. I failed in convincing my husband we should watch The Crown together...I hope you have better luck!

  2. Oh my gosh that Poldark season finale. 3 weeks later and am still gutted.

  3. I had never heard of Poldark till you mentioned it. Watched it immediately that night... And then powered through for the next 5 nights. The finale was absolutely heartbreaking....

  4. Yes! I just started The Crown last night and it's GOOD! It's kind of slow-moving, but the filming locations and costumes are amazing. You'll have to let us know what you think (which I'm sure will be no problem haha)!

  5. Love this roundup! I have an obsession with pink and black sneaks. It's a problem.

  6. I tried to convince my husband to watch The Crown with me, too. He said no thanks, but as I've been watching he gets caught up in the storyline, too! He even admitted it was well-written and well-acted. Maybe I can convince him to sit down for a full episode with me this weekend!

  7. Are you talking about the season finale of Season 1 or Season 2? The finale for season 2 just aired in the UK and it airs in the US on PBS a few weeks behind the British schedule.

  8. I don't watch those shows. So I'll comment on the sneakers vs. tennis shoes, lol. From my experience tennis shoes is said more in the South and sneakers is said by those in other states. Generally speaking.

  9. Still procrastinating starting season 2 of Poldark after all the emotions I felt after getting through the first one!

  10. Those eggplant sneaks are super cool! I might add them to my Christmas list

  11. I just e-mailed you regarding shoe #7 :)

  12. Yes Poldark!! I can't wait for season 2 to come out on amazon so I can binge watch when I have my baby!



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