the perfect shade of white paint

15 April 2016

Wow, Grace. Don't overdo it with the lofty promises.

I know. And I feel like I can say that because I asked Amelia what color her walls were because they always look so crisp (as crisp as walls can be, you know what I mean - I hope) and clean and bright.

She let me know it was just Ultra Pure White by Behr - the cans you grab right off the shelf, no mixing! And so without doing so much as a single swatch grab (the horror, I know) we just went with it. Kitchen (cabinets included), both living areas, kids' rooms, and dining room. And 10 months later we are still really happy. I mean - I think Simon is. He does frequently say how happy he is that we didn't leave it beige bombed like it had been so -- yes, he's happy.

Our house feels well lit sometimes but not all the time and it's especially not awesomely lit in the morning so I walked around this morning and took some random (unedited/unbrightened/untouched/unanythinged) wall photos to show you. Happy, happy. Joy joy for you!

and you, baby B. See? so grainy.

I will also be writing an entire post on how to hide/camouflage modems/routers in the near future. Get excited.

crazy plastic plant lady reporting for duty. always.

this room is especially dark but the paint? so bright! right?

kitchen cabinets ...

sorry about the crooked factor. I tried. Just not hard enough.

And some expertly hung photos for good measure!

"how to hang them aaaaalmost straight" tutorial forthcoming also. fear not.

I'm sure people have strong opinions about all the different shades of white and I'm not picky (to a fault) when it comes to (most) paint colors but just felt like it was worth a mention in case you're in the market.

We have grand and eventual plans to tackle the rest of the beige at some point. I think. I hope.

I also really love Kelsey's house and the shade of white they went with too. You could probably very easily drive yourself really crazy trying to narrow it down if you went the safe swatch route, AND consulted Pinterest -- just a guess.

Anyway, hopefully this post is the low point of your Friday and it's all fun and games from here on out.

tgif, ladies and um - probably just ladies


  1. Love it. Bright makes such a difference!

    We painted our kitchen yellow (I know!) and it's the best. I was a little nervous there... but I love it. So cheerful!

    1. Our kitchen is yellow too! Kind of a yellowish-green, though. Husband wanted a retro feel.

  2. We're going mostly white in the new house, so I will definitely be including this in my "safe swatch" routine (I think Shaun might keel over if we just went with a color), but my real comment has nothing to do with paint and everything to do with the last three words of this quote.

    Quote possibly the proudest/weirdest moment of my blogging "career" (ha) is when, as I was riding in the car to Dallas for a girls' weekend, one of my friends was attempting to explain who she was with in the car to her mother over the phone, and she said: "Abbie's driving. She's...Huh? What? Dad does what?!" She got off the phone and said: "So, get this. I started to tell mom who you were, and she interrupted me, and said, 'Oh yeah, i know. Abbie. That lady blogger that dad likes to read so much." Life. made.

  3. Also, I am hanging my head in shame that I unnecessarily included the word "quote" twice. Darn you, phone.

  4. We live in a rented house where every wall is white and I can't decide if I love it and would do that myself if I owned the house or if I would try my hand at color. White is easy, and a good blank canvas for decorating and accent colors of dressers, bed, pictures, etc. Your post perfectly proves that. Color is tricky, but when it's done well it's beautiful. It's just so often terrible. Our last rental had two dark red walls (shudder), turquoise, lavender, pale green, and it was all truly terrible.

    1. I agree! I wish I had the eye for doing perfect colors. Our old house had a burgundy room - it was awful haha!

      And actually this house had a bright orange room -- maybe worse!

  5. white for the win. simply white by good old Ben. love the brightness it provides and the amount of color you can play with then. add some ship lap and you're good to go!!

  6. hi grace, can you share how you painted your cabinets? thanks!

  7. We're moving for residency next month (FINALLY) so this was perfect timing!

  8. I recently painted our kitchen cabinets white. I cried twice during the process because of all the work involved. I applaud you for painting yours! You are my hero!!!!

  9. We just started a cabinet make over this weekend. We were using a "kit", epic fail as I am now living with Carolina blue cabinets instead of Frost White. :-( Mind sharing what type of paint the Ultra White is? Latex, oil-based? I'll be beginning stage 2 this week!!

  10. Another here who wants to know how you painted your cabinets! And I love white walls because then you can just decorate how you want. I love how you decorate, Grace. Simply yet elegant!

  11. Aww thanks for the shoutout! It looks awesome!

  12. Where do you get all your cute fake plants?? I need them :)

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