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01 April 2016

So many clicks and so little time.

Let's go!

SO excited this shop reopened today. I bought this for our kitchen and love it more than I should.

my new favorite carrot cake recipe (thanks for the tip, Abbie!)

J.Crew Factory is having a 40% off clearance sale ... always hit or miss but it's fun to look (especially for Simon who hates shopping for clothes) and I've got my eye on these after Kate blogged about how much she loves them

Have you fallen for any April Fools jokes today? I totally fell for thredUP's joke on twitter that they are now accepting used socks. I know. Of all the jokes. Gullible Patton. Oh, I also fell for Gmail's joke but didn't use it before they pulled it, unfortunately.

I was SO happy to see Kate's internet corner light up this past week. A longtime super favorite for sure.

Prescription sunglasses bring more joy to my life than a younger Grace would've ever thought possible and present day Grace has had great success finding inexpensive and not hideous pairs here.

Phoebe has been oddly taken (obsessed!) with any and all flip flops for the past few months so you can imagine her disbelief when we passed the wall of $2.99ers at CVS this morning. She ripped off her shoes to start trying on a pair of rhinestone adorned womens size 8's while shaking and hyperventilating with excitement. Methinks she might love a pair of her own (no rhinestones, sorry girlfriend) for her birthday in a few weeks.

Okay for maybe the second time ever all the kids are napping in unison and I'm going to go bask in the mess and silence and maybe do something about the mess.

Someone has it in her flamingo clad head that we're going to the beach later so ... we'll see.

We shall see.

Have a great one. 


  1. I fell for Thred Up's joke too!

  2. Zenni optical has the best prices on seen on frames. I got a pair of prescription sunglasses for $40 total (frames and lenses).

  3. I fell for VidAngel's joke for half a second.

  4. I have so much love for my prescription sunglasses! Went on a 5 hr road trip yesterday and fell in love with them all over again!

  5. This is so perfect for fun beach trips!

  6. Well, I am a Jersey girl after all! We'd take that to the shore! And we like Long Beach Island and Manasquan!

  7. Come to NJ, I'm pretty sure we'd be best friends. LOL.



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