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27 August 2015

Oh, what a day. And it's stillllll going strong! Simon was going to take Julia to school this morning (which is the BEST because as much as I love dragging alllll the kids into her classroom where she may or may not cling to my leg for dear life while I'm wearing Bosco and holding Phoebe ... it's nice to not do that too) but his car wouldn't start (please! don't be biting the dust for good, dear Jetta) so quickly! quickly! I had to get all the kids up and ready to take him into work. A few miles down the road {where I got embarrassingly lost and somehow found myself in a long line of traffic only to find that I was being funneled into a high school parking lot with um, students in my mini with my childrens) after he'd been dropped I heard Siri talking mysteriously from Theo's perch in his car seat and saw that he had Simon's phone which must've dropped when he hugged Theo goodbye? So, not exactly Simon's time to shine but I think he'll make it and we'll make it too. I'm sure you're glad you know all of that now, aren't you?

I have a nice potpourri of all over the map today ... it smells wonderful. I promise.

Other than our wedding album and a canvas print the photographer sent us ... I've yet to print any wedding photos to hang around the house. Love sweet love!

So, I thought our anniversary might be an appropriate time to do so ...

{medium: metal}

{medium: wood}

and because we love our kids TOO ...

{medium: wood & wood}

... InkDot did a phenomenal job printing these both on ready-to-mount metal and wood. I just wish I'd done more more more. Next time!

They do Instagrams too! I can't wait to get a photo of allllll the kids and would I go so far as to have them print it on a cell phone case? I might!

Anyway, Happy belated Anniversary - Simon! Now, can you please hang these and settle the dispute between our little weirdos, Julia and Bash, over who gets the wedding photos hung in their room? Danke. And many more dankes to InkDot!

I just recently discovered girlfriend jeans and I read many, many rave reviews so I bought a pair and this is the 6th? 7th? day in a row I've worn them. They are basically a more fitted (less atrocious baggy bottom) boyfriend jean. Heart.

Oh! Here's a stellar roundup of books on motherhood from one of my favorite bloggers. Go read it and them.

And speaking of books ... Theo's been rising and shining very bright circa 5 (or earlier, bless his crazy little heart) so I've been falling asleep in a matter of seconds at night/my reading time and am still plugging away at The Royal We but after reading so many glowing reviews of Jen's book ... I think that's next.

I love Kate's new "Fresh in Fifteen" series but I think I'd need fifteen hours to look as fresh as Kate does after her fifteen minutes. In fact, I know. I saw on IG that she found some cute ear climbers from Shopbop .... maybe those would help me out a bit? doubtful.

I don't know about you but I'm a big {platonic, not creepy} fan of the next Bachelor. Real big.

And now I'm off to await an email or a message from a carrier pigeon from Simone letting me know he's ready to be picked up from work. Let's hope I don't get lost and end up enrolling in Rambling101, okay?



  1. I love your little plants!! So cute :)

  2. From someone who has zero actual weddings photos, I LOVE yours even more every time I see them. They really are stunning! No wonder the children want them in their rooms! haha ;)

  3. Yes to Jen Hatmaker's For the Love! I was on the launch team for the book and got to read a preview copy and it is great! And written in easily digestible short chapters...

  4. I'm a recent girlfriend jean convert too! Here I was faithfully wearing my "super cool" boyfriend jeans all summer and all I was doing was traumatizing the world with my over-emphasized mom-butt. Girlfriend jeans = so much better.

  5. Double yes to Jen's book!!! Just finishing it. Snort-laughing in bed - husband was very curious what on earth I was reading :). Enjoy!

  6. Ben as the next Bachelor, YES.

    Also, Waiting for Birdy as one of the best motherhood books, also YES.

  7. Thank you for sharing info on InkDot, I've never heard of them but would loove to order a wood print.

  8. (As another lady who still hasn't printed a single wedding picture...) Thanka for sharing inkdot! It is beautiful and unfussy (I am not into canvas prints but also not into the fancy framing process- I feel like wedding pictures should go in proper grown up frames and I still buy them from Target).

  9. i just started Jen Hatmaker's new book tonight! I am only in chapter 2, but so far so good!



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