02 August 2015

Welcome to Sunday afternoon. Some kids are sleeping and some kids are not. One parent is sleeping and one parent is not (wild guess ... it's all yours). And while said parent was not sleeping and trying to get a certain child to sleep (success was hers ... eventually) she came across many internet gems and sharing is caring or maybe it's obnoxious, I don't know. But ... nevertheless.

Let her care!!

Funniest parenting piece I've read in a good long WHILE. 

It's been raining nonstop here (no complaints, it could be snow) so I snagged some clearance raincoats for the kids. All matching. No one was amused. 

{Phoebe is clothed, promise}

I posted this over on my Facebook page but in case you missed it ... loved this post on postpartum living.

While I heart Kidizen for (yes ... ) kid's duds ... I've been finding some everyday postpartum pieces for myself right over here. Get $20 off your first purchase using this link ... if you dare. 

The Bachelorette Conspiracy Theory. I can totally buy it. I think. 

In the never ending saga of trying to get the house out of the, "oh, did you just move in yesterday?" rut ... I sent some things (in prepaid mailers, thankyouverymuch) off to be framed here and shipped back stat because a trip to procure anything other than food just isn't happening for another couple of months. I'm more excited than I should be. 

I have to admit I've been totally sucked into Snapchat these past few days. Was my impetus for figuring it out to legally stalk Shawn and Kaitlyn? Perhaps! And I still don't get it 100% and I think I'm about 10-15 years too old for the platform but my name is: camppatton (predictable? never) if you want to see snaps of our messy house and um, that's it. 

Okay, I could type forever but duty x five calls ...

... and they are ALL smiles. 

Always. : | 



  1. I, a county or two over, just got back from vacay and it's been monsooning all day. I'm actually ok with it.

    Um.... I can kind of believe the Bachelorette Conspiracy, as well. She already pointed out the holes, but it makes a lot of sense.

    Also, my snaps are as boring as they are infrequent, but I'm JustJess825 if you want to be snap buddies.

  2. Those rain coats are the best - do they make them in not-little-kid size?

  3. Also, that frame thing may be exactly what I've been looking for my whole life (or just the past year to frame all my art from England...) - can you give me insider knowledge if you've got some top secret coupon code or something? ;)

  4. I don't know if you need another place to shop for clothing etc, but I highly recommend the app/website Yerdle! (feel free to use my link, or not, doesn't matter! :) ) But basically you post things you don't need anymore and when someone "buys" it you get yerdle $ to use on the site. The only actual money ever paid is on shipping by the buyer and it's always $4-$6, the sender gets a pre-paid label to ship their item to the buyer and drops it off at UPS. So far I've gotten some AWESOME stuff there like Ugg and Sorel boots for myself, Babiator sunglasses for the baby etc. So fun!

  5. I can totally believe the conspiracy!!!! Aahh it's making so much more sense now. I almost skipped watching this season....and I still can't decide if I made the right decision...equal parts annoying and interesting / entertaining.

  6. Is Bash judging Theo's pink natives? Love it.

  7. Okay, your comment about Phoebe being dressed is giving me a good laugh this morning. I remember those days... when the coat made it look like my children were naked:)

  8. I love the matching raincoats.

    P.S. I wouldn't judge if Phoebe was naked.

  9. Bosco, those baby fever vibes you're sending are hitting hard! So precious, not to mention your brothers and sisters.

  10. Ah! The bachelorette conspiracy theory has me thinking. I mean, it makes sense on so many levels.

  11. I swear this marathon rain is not the typical pattern here.......I am so over it! Those matching jackets dang cute. Day made.

  12. I kind of love rain (when I can relax inside and drink hot cacao). But at other time it is just pure hell :)
    You have cute kiddos! I have been reading your blog for a while now. Not commenting a lot though. I love the Conversations with Julia posts :)
    x M.

  13. Hahah-to first link!!

    Hopefully your frames will inspired me to do the same!



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