Un Bosco Moon

22 July 2015

also known as ...



palm trees (Florida) to palm trees (California)

but I do love myself a good moon as evidenced by moon #1 and moon #2

... but this was a particularly great one because Bosco, Simon, and I were able to dash (do I sound posh? because I am very, very posh) off to California for Simon's brother's wedding in LA this past weekend. I hadn't planned on going because I wasn't sure how I'd be feeling post-baby but my mom and grandma were coming to help and we thought it'd be fun for Bosco to meet Simon's family and well .... childless trip. Childless plus Bosco who barely even counted because if you've flown with a toddler and then you've flown with an infant ..... you KNOW. Infant schminfant. Aint NO thing.

I'll just hit the highlights which will actually include the entire trip so .... buckle up.

at said wedding with one of the signature cocktails (gin and tonic with cucumber and mint, I believe?) ... it knocked Bosco right out.

No, first things first!

We stayed with Simon's family in an Airbnb rental which was amazing.

What you can't see is a bottle of nail polish on the dresser to my left. Just carelessly left there by yours truly. But it didn't matter because ... one infant in tow. There would be no furious scrubbing of bathroom tiles graffitied in polish by Patton children. None.

Bliss be ours.

Back to the wedding ...

... that's me in red.

Just kidding.

Simon's immediate family plus Becca the beautiful bride.

Paul (the gentleman sans glasses that is not Bosco) is the last eligible Patton. Just sayin' .... ladies.

Terrible reception site ...

... just terrible.

And I think I did the candy/dessert/S'mores table some serious photographic justice ...

Sorry, table-o-decadence.

I'd give Bosco like a B- for wedding and reception behavior ...

He care. Big time.

Also, let's take another look at that homemade manicure that you were undoubtedly admiring ...

{apologies to Noelle & Blythe who were already subjected to that ruby of a joke}

Groom's brother, Bosco, and Groom at the day-after-the-wedding brunch.

but I'm sure you're wondering about how things were faring back at the Camp?

Well ... after texting my mom to ask how things were going this was her response ...

... security sweater y todo.

No, the kids had a wonderful time and Julia has only cried for Nana and GG (great grandma, acronymed ... I know you got that) every morning and night since they've left.

Apparently Sebastian locked both Theo (terrified) and Phoebe (more terrified) (light off) in the bathroom (butter knife and Bettina saved the day) and then one morning my gram let my mom sleep in and Sebastian locked her out on the porch for 30 minutes until (somehow! with his vast lexicon) Theo communicated to Sebastian that he had better unlock that door ... or ELSE. It was only like 90 degrees and 90% humidity though ... no big deal, Bash.

a photo taken by my grandma on her iPad and promptly emailed to me.

And upon our return they had my very favorite cake waiting for an early birthday celebration ...

raisinless carrot cake + cream cheese icing made by GG and Julia.

I could've eaten the entire thing.

So good.

cake and baby whisperer.

And let's traipse back to California for a brief minute.

On top of having a phenomenal time at the wedding and surrounding festivities ... we were able to sneak in a little time with a friend I met online ...

and her baby Joe (3 days older than Bosco!) and husband (not pictured) Kirby for a concert (with Noelle + Adam) one night and drinks a couple days later.

When Simon's parents asked how we knew them we had no choice but to say, "well ... um ... I met her on the internet ... "

no shame.

or maybe a little.

But, really. Why do Florida and California have to be a million hour flight apart?

I was a tourist.

Sue me.

Aaaaand my blogging time is very much up as evidenced by the wailing and gnashing of teeth (and some gums) of all five Pattonitos.



  1. Phoebe in her sweater in the pool.....HILARIOUS!!! Girl loves her style and ain't nobody changing it! That wedding looked gorgeous and so fun to get away with only 1 child! AND Blythe and your babies together = super cuteness to the max!!!

  2. Such sweet photos -- especially the one of the cake (carrot cake yes! and adorable decorating) and the one of Blythe with Joe and Bosco, they're all Adorable. With the capital A.

  3. I just love your Blog. I smile. I laugh. I want a piece of carrot cake! :)

  4. I just love your Blog. I smile. I laugh. I want a piece of carrot cake. :)

  5. I just love your Blog. I smile. I laugh. I want a piece of carrot cake. :)

  6. Your posts always make me want to have about 10 kids. Right now. So annoying that a man is necessary first, ugh.

  7. I just loved this post, blame it on the palm trees maybe? We don't have those crazy things here. But what a beautiful wedding, you of course looked beautiful! Good to know the campers back home didn't skip a beat. And you won my raisin-less carrot cake heart over fav of all favs!

  8. I'm contemplating taking a similar flight from New York to Seattle for a friend's wedding, but will be 28 months pregnant at the time, and keep giving the husband a look of "do you think you can survive sitting next to me on a plan for that long in whatever state of discomfort I might be in?" Also, I love your blog and as a first time mom with a husband in his intern year of surgical residency, I devour all posts and frequently search the archives for all things residency and baby/pregnancy gear.

  9. I really like that picture of me. Just saying!

  10. Oh my gosh. Red. Grace, you slay me.

  11. This was awesome. Please keep sneaking away from your children to write.

  12. Phoebe in her sweater is the best! Sounds like there's never a dull moment! That cakes looks delish!

  13. So wish I coulda been with you and Blythe! Internet friends! Da best! The kids look like they lived it up. Happy almost bday!

  14. I'm sorry but is GG wearing LION PRINT PANTS?! #awesomesauce. Where can I get a pair, on the double?

  15. Is internet matchmaking still a thing? I've got a few sisters still looking! ;) ;) ;)

  16. That was me trying to explain to Paul while Simon hemmed and hawed about how we "knew" each other...! :) SOOO glad you got to go with Simon!! That picture of P in the pool is hilarious!

  17. I have been a wedding vender (Photographer) in the area for twenty five years and I have never been treated so well by a wedding venue like I was at this place. I am usually taken care of as a "last on the list" at venues, which I understand where the bride, groom and guest come first but the entire staff at Malibu wedding venue from the minute I walked in the door treated me so well.



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