17 July 2015

They woke up like this.

I appreciate Theo's willingness to hold Bosco in his little hand-sized cradle but Bash isn't budging.

Some e-things I wanted to share ...

I'm sure you've already read it but ... best best birth story award goes to B to the lythe.

I promised to give an update on how I liked the workout gear from here ... and update: love it. If you hate living/exercising (most let's be honest, 99% living, 1% exercising - maybe less) in glorified Spanx ... you might not love them OR I ordered a size too small. But for this postpartum stage of my life ... they are perfect. PERFECT.

My brother sent this last week ... still cracks me up. 48 views later.Watch it.

We just finished getting the kitchen put together/painted/all of that and next on my list is the dining room. And of course, of course! I would discover this St. Louis-based company weeks after we move. Thankfully everything ships for free.

I always glean SO much insight from Nell's wise and realistic words!

Simon, Bosco, and I are hitting up a wedding tonight and you might be shocked to know that I had a really tough time finding something to wear one month postpartum that was also nursing friendly and didn't resemble a tent. But, I found it! This dress from Nordstrom Rack. You can rest easy now that you know that fun little fact.

Jones has managed to outdo herself in the recap arena, once again. Simon had just drifted off to sleep when I saw that she posted and so I clicked RIGHT on over and immediately started literally LOLing all over the place and woke him up. I'm not sorry.

And that's all she linked. For today.

Happy weekend to every last one of you.


  1. That video was the best. I love her hair...really..I do.

  2. Thanks for sharing Blythe's birth story.. im a sucker for birth stories.

  3. I am amazed that you guys are able to paint rooms right now with 5 kids, incl a newborn, AND that you were able to find a babysitter in your new area so fast!! We've been moved in for 11.5 months and have yet to paint a single room OR book a babysitter that isn't a fam member. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new place!

  4. Oh we hired someone to paint! Ha. We just installed new light fixtures and new cabinet hardware. And my mom is in town watching the kids :) you're on the right track!!!

  5. Once again thank you thank you thank you for linking to Ashley. I finally just put her in my Bloglovin where she belongs!! I literally laugh out loud every time I scroll past the picture of her with the 'shag' cut and the 'agree to disagree Barb' caption. I can never get the time to sit at my computer and actually just watch it without having to pause it 10 gajillion times, so recaps are the next best thing!

  6. Coming back to comment on the video - that is pure gold!! Pure gold.

  7. Love the safety video. Also, I am in the same sitch with needing a nursing/postpartum/summer wedding friendly dress and had good luck with some stuff was a little 'oh is that a curtain you're wearing?' But lots of other, cute options.

  8. That video though!
    And I've been wondering about all the hype on that work out gear - thanks for the review!

  9. I'm sure it is the angle of the camera but Theo and Phoebe look like they could pass as twins! Hope you had fun at the wedding!

  10. I just read Blythe's birth story, SO good BUT if you could have seen me squirming in my chair during the epidural part, lol! Too funny! And Ashley's Bachelorette blog has me dying every week and shaking my head yes to everything she says!

  11. That. picture. It's just too perfect.

    Hahaha, I've seen that video posted on fb 1 million times, but never took the time to click it. THEN, you linked to it, so of course I had to watch it. And it's hilarious! Thanks for that. :-)

  12. That video is hilarious. I can't stop watching.

  13. That birth story was fantastic. I read it last week (I think).



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