Saturday Night Live-ish.

20 June 2015

My old college roomie is in town visiting her family and let us impose on their pool time today resulting in the happiest Patton kidlets, skipped naps, and gloriously (gloriously!!!) early bedtimes for said happies. So! I thought I'd polish off this post I started during one of my insomnia-plagued nights in case you're in the mood for some mindless weekend clicking. Because heaven forbid I let yet another 1/4 finished novelita float off to a watery grave over in the "drafts" graveyard (RIP those 100+ that never saw the light of the net). Bosco is currently indulging in his longest stretch of sleep EVER and I'm sure gearing up for an inevitably rowdy night so while I should probably sleep while the baby does ... this old dog isn't up for trying new tricks. Stupidity it IS.

First though, thank you for all of your nursing bra recs. It sounds like this brand is the resounding winner but I'll keep you posted on my findings. Probably. Maybe.

Nothing makes my heart skip a beat quite like a new Bachelor/ette post from my favorite funny lady. I'm glad we're in agreement that Shawn is the best of all the rest.

Speaking of beats {best segue award goes TO: notgrace} I discovered this one playing during a car commercial and can't stop listening. Repeat. Listen again. And again.

In the past week, not one, not two, but THREE of my ladyfriends mentioned this new activewear (or in my case: lay around the house/couch wear) line. So, I bit. It's a fraction of Lululemon's price tag for the same (better?) quality .. or SO I HEAR. We'll see. We shall see. (We'll also see if I won the competition for most parenthetical statements in a short paragraph competition I entered earlier today. My guess is Sí, senorita.)

Finally! A summer bucket list I can get excited about. Thank goodness.

The reviews were mixed after I mentioned these diapers on the Facebook page but so far, I've been pleased. Although, Bosco's life is still young so there's still plenty of time to be sorely disappointed.

I'm hearting Amelia's series on cleaning because I can't get enough of her immaculate (but not obnoxiously so! a tough feat!) house on the gram. Let's see how well I execute my newly acquired knowledge in our new house .... let's just go ahead and SEE.

Okay, Bosco's awake and I need to sneak in a shower so I don't scare my fellow church goers in the morning. Busy, busy!! Joke, joke.

F-f-f-f-f-ine. One photo.

But, that's it.

For now.


  1. I can't get enough of his preciousness!!!

    And going to click on the cleaning recs. because you know me and cleaning.

  2. I'd love to hear about the athletic clothes. Please do a review! They are so stylish but the quality scares me.

  3. I just clicked over and perused the Fabletics line..I bite too. I have been seeing the commercial and thinking it's almost too good to be true or something...but I trust you and Kate Hudson. It will be great for my couch laying/walking my dog. (walking only)

  4. You and Anna were roommates?? Why did I not know that? Although now that I'm typing this, maybe I did know that. Jim and I played on a flag football league with Anna (and I think Gabe for one season) back in the day. Small world.

  5. Bosco awesomeness is the best 💛💛💛

  6. I never actually watch the Bachelor/ette because no TV stations, but I love recaps! Sharleen is my go-to, but I think Jones will have to be added - literally laughed out loud to her snark. Awesome.

  7. Have you read Super funny Bachelor recaps too!!

  8. FYI, I just got my first Bravado nursing bras (Bliss) and love them!!!

  9. I'm a mom of 5, and our oldest child has physical disabilities. The music link you posted was stellar.

  10. just saying, i need that "feed me and rub my back" tee. and i won't stop until i get it.

  11. also this is slightly awkward...because my previous comment was meant for the other post. but, alas.....i will just mention that i think Bosco is a total rockstar.



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