City Mice

03 June 2015

We're a little over a week into our month long tenure at our downtown {furnished! So fancy!} apartment so naturally I assumed you'd like a progress report?

I generally assume wrong but ... you know where the eXit is.

Phoebe's stuck with us though.

So ... ho ho ho. Because it's about a million dollars {really! a million!!} cheaper than an Extended Stay and a better deal than we could find on VRBO or Airbnb etc etc etc we're in a two bedroom apartment on the 20th floor down the road from Busch Stadium (where the Cardinals play ... if you aren't local or a baseball fanatic like I'm not) and the Arch and as you can imagine there are some pretty fat cons BUT I promise the pros are abundant, says Grace Pollyanna Patton.

Theo takes in the view with a side of gold digging.

We accidentally happened upon this little (free!) field setup rightright next to Busch stadium where the kids can run wild, the parents can enjoy beverages or cups of ice to their hearts' content while keeping one eye on the game a la big screen, and you can take in some seriously entertaining games of beer pong. So much more ideal than going INTO the game ... if you have kids. In my super professional opinion.

Julia is either doing pushups or break dancing here. Only heaven knows. The bartender even brought out big cups of ice water for the kids which they thought was THEE coolest. Keep those childhood standards low, fellow parents. Niiiiiice and LOW.

Taking a stroll through Citygarden ...

I'm big on adventure but wheeling Phoebe's stroller down allllll those steps .... too much adventure for me. So, I took in the fun from way up yonder.

We might go to Citygarden ...

... a lot.

Or random office building ramps ...

... those are fun too.

There are always loads of horse + carriage rides waiting outside our apartment and we are that annoying family that just stops to pet the livestock ...

(the drivers always invite them, I promise)

"Mom ... I'm SO HIGH."

Yes, you are.

So, being around all this urban finery has been a lot of fun when Simon is home {I'm not quite brave enough to take to the streets with just myself and the kids .... yet .... I'll get desperate apartmentwife soon enough} and I feel like we are making up for being suburban bumps on a log these past 4 years {the last time we were at Citygarden was when I was 20ish weeks along with Bash ... tsk tsk} and cramming it all into a few weeks.

Walking to Mass ...

... when it started pouring rain. I didn't even care because I keep imagining doing this during the winter and no. Give me a warmish drench every day of my life over one isolated five minute trek through the cold and snow.

(also - this has been a lifesaver for toting our slowest walker ever around and hasn't bothered Simon's 90-year-old back once, shockingly)

The everyday logistics are getting easier. I think. The parking garage is the most confusing labyrinth of all time that I'm willing to bet would stump even Daedalus himself so finding our way v-e-r-y s-l-o-w way to the elevator with correct key in hand can get ugly but I think we'll live. And I won't tell you I'm not tempted to have groceries delivered at least ONCE.

It's weird .... almost none of our fellow tenants care to join us for a loud and rowdy ride up or down the elevator and will almost always opt to, "just grab the next one!" complete with terse smile.

Also, laundry. Since we're living out of suitcases and poorly curated capsule wardrobes ... the laundry must be done quite often and never will I ever ever take a washer and dryer at my spoiled fingertips for granted ever ever ever again.

So, I think we'll look back on this month and chuckle at our former selves' expense but I said it once and I'll say it again ... I'm glad the vast bulk of packing is behind us and in storage and not waiting for me at 39 weeks along. Unpacking is a whole different terrible breed of beast, I know. But, one hurdle at a time! Thanks.

And not that you care or would ever notice but I do apologize for the spotty posting. Along with the leaky bathroom ceiling {conveniently located in the shower .... ain't no thang} and the vague but present smoky smell ... the internet connection isn't awesome and it takes me about triple the usual time to pen a post. You know you all come first though! 

Blogging above all and everyone else.




  1. You have got to pull the Instacart trigger (they offer a free two-week trial)! We live in the city with kids, and I want to cry with joy when SOMEONE WHO IS NOT ME carries the groceries up the stairs and drops them off every Friday.

    And, I don't know about St. Louis, but out here (San Francisco), they'll deliver from Costco.....

  2. QUITE an adventure! I would be a little nervous about venturing out with the brood sans the hubs also! Looks like you are doing great though :)

  3. How lucky to be there in the summer. We took our little guy to City Garden this time last year and he still talks about the fountains!

  4. Welcome to downtown! Just in case you are itching for festive things to eat: Bailey Range (ice cream), John Donuts (in Soulard), City Garden has food trucks most days, or if you are here for a bit, hit Food Truck Friday (in Tower Grove Park-- lots of room for kiddos to run, and a splash pad(?)/playground), Rooster (breakfast), City Museum, Bogarts (BBQ, go early!), Lafayette Park is fairly close and worth a peek too. Oh, Straubs delivers groceries, and Culinara (fancy schnucks down here) may too.

    Happy city living!

    1. we've been loving Lafayette Park almost nightly!! Such a gem! And Tower Grove is always awesome - the food truck Friday is INSANE - so cool!!!! Thanks Marcia!!!

  5. Grace, you are SO FUNNY!!! :D

  6. Loving Simon-the-Theo-wearer!!

  7. Oh the stories you will tell! Can't wait! Hugs friend. Happy apartment camping!

  8. Looks like you're all having fun :) Also, I'd like everyone one of Julia's outfits in my size please

  9. Best part of this post: Julia's face while holding the nectarines!! Love hearing about the high life of the Patton's :)

  10. city living looks fun. I know it's not easy, but glad to see you enjoying as much as you can. thanks for sharing. always look forward to the camp updates.

  11. St Louis is so much fun! Love having a peek at your city adventures with all the little ones!

  12. Always loving your posts, Grace. I don't chime in very often but I always read them. :)

  13. Mansion House??? I work not too far from there @ 700 Market...LOVE the food trucks...LOATHE Ballpark Village!



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