Julia Styles

06 May 2015

dress - Gap via Kidizen
blazer - Target via thredUP
shoes - c/o Rack Room shoes
shades - stolen from Grace

One morning when she randomly woke up early enough to catch Simon leaving for work before the rest of us were awake ...
Julia: where are you going?
Simon: I have to go to work
Julia: but who is going to be awake to watch me in case I do something bad?

After she saw Sebastian trying on his ring bearer finery ...
Julia: oh Bash!
Bash: yeah?
Julia: oh, you're going to look SO handsome!
Bash: yeah
Julia: handsome like a MARRIED man!!

The other day ...
Grace: J, can you hand me my purse?
Julia: {looking in and inspecting contents} oh, you mean your trash bag?

While driving ...
Simon: okay guys we're turning off the radio ... let's sing some songs
Julia: Okay, we'll start with Bout the Bass.

After I caught her with a stash of fruit snacks in her backpack at church ...
Julia: don't worry Mom ... these are just in case Jesus gets hungry

After I ran outside for a few minutes to talk to Simon during naps while he was doing yardwork ...
Grace: did anyone cry?
Julia: yes
Grace: who?
Julia: me.

While dropping her off at school ...
Julia: Can you please kiss me on my nips?
Grace: your lips?
Julia: yeah, my nips

On Easter in the middle of candy-palooza ...
Grace: do you want a burrito for lunch?
Julia: okay, hmm sure - but what kind of candy is that?

Sizing up my stomach recently ...
Julia: let me get this straight ...
Grace okay ...
Julia: so babies make your stomach get big?
Grace: yep
Julia: and they make your bottom get big too??


  1. LOL! It is All ABout that Bass!! Sing it Miss Julia!! Love the mix and match style. Girlfriend is lookin good. Happy Wednesday at the Camp!! Hugs from VA <3

  2. haaaaaahahahahaha her nips!

  3. I hear Jesus likes fruit snacks.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! Just what I needed in the middle of a crazy day...nips, ohhh Julia ;-)
    And I think the inside of my purse looks like a trash bag too, Grace :)

  5. Well it was very thoughtful of her to bring the fruit snacks...for Jesus.

    Also, my purse resembles a trash bag too. Solidarity sister!

  6. Ha! She is a funny, clever girl and always looks so cute.

    And your purse is a trash bag?! From what I hear that little hoarder needs to take the plank out of her eye. ;) ;) ;)

  7. Trash bag?! Yep! She totally nailed it. I'm forever cleaning dirty tissues, snack wrappers, receipts with chewed gum in them, etc. out of my purse/

  8. These are the best posts!!! Hilarious!

  9. Hah! I love Julia Styles posts. That fourth pic down? Sass!

  10. They just kept getting better and better!

  11. The nips made me laugh SO much which I really needed after today.

  12. I want to be friends with Julia. Can I just move to Tampa and be your nanny? Jk, creepy Morgan stop it. ;)

    x. Morgan

  13. I love the last one! Belly and bottom, check.

  14. hahaha she is the BEST! Soooo clever! Bottom too, indeed...

  15. "Babies make your bottom get big too" lol!!! I'm right there with you sister. It's all in my belly and my butt, haha. Nothing like the honesty of children to make you feel GREAT about yourself. Today I said to my 16 month old son "Buddy, mommy has to shave her legs now that it's nice outside. They're hairy." He looked me dead in the eye and said "Ew, momma. Gross." His first time stringing words together and it's to shame his mother…. : /

  16. That girl's got life all figured out. Love these posts How do you not die laughing every day of your life?!

  17. First time commentator because.....laugh out loud!
    My nephew once said to me whilst I was standing in the kitchen next to his very skinny mother (my gorgeous sister)
    Rainy (my nick name)
    Rainy...yes FInn? have a very big bottom!

  18. Oh Julia, the married ones are always more handsome :(

  19. That girl is too much!! :) LOL And more fashionable/cool than I'll ever be..

  20. She is so stylish and hilarious! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  21. What a cutie! haha Great post!

    Her Heartland Soul

  22. I am dying!!! These are priceless...I really need to start writing down some of the stuff my kiddos say. Yesterday, my 6 year old stepdaughter comes out into the living room while getting ready to shower and says "Look at my muscles!" and flexes her arms. We "ooh" and "ahh" and return to what we are doing. Two seconds later I hear, "Look at my cheeks!" I look up, expecting to see her smiling really big. Nope, she is showing us her tush. Gottttta love it!

    <3 Haley @

  23. Your daughter is so stylish! I'm quite jealous of her style and she is hilarious! I really can't wait to see what Phoebe will be saying in a few years!



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