35 weeks

30 May 2015

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Another bumpdate, bebe. 

And lest I forget ... I was sure to do a bump clutch in every shot. I apologize, like always. 

And I'm actually 36 weeks along today but the internet here has a tendency to go into dial-up mode/speed when I crack open the laptop soo ... I'm a tiny bit behind. I can feel your care through the screen. 

Even Phoebe can't help but ignore my mammoth torso these days and does nothing but hit it really hard and attempt a loving bite when she's feeling extra affectionate. Julia keeps asking, "how many times until the baby comes? your tummy is SO HUGE" and Sebastian came at me with the hair cutting clippers last night and said he was going to just "saw that baby out" ... so I'd say everyone is nesting in their own adorable way. 

I feel mostly fine just really tired and really huge and the Target employee that gave me an up-down, opened her eyes nice and wide, and exclaimed, "I don't know how to deliver babies!!" reallllly helped to boost my preg esteem the other day. I hope she's happy. And that I don't see her at 39/40 weeks because I wouldn't want to scorch her poor corneas. 

I've been thinking that's it's nice that insurance companies provide breast pumps to moms these days but if they really wanted to make the gestators happy they would look into free ice machine rentals. You know the machines that make those perfect little round pellets (a la Sonic)? Yes, I wouldn't mind having one of those bad boys at my puffy fingertips at all times ... day and night. Non-caloric food for thought, healthcare industry.

That's all for now. 
Thank your lucky twinklers. 


  1. Girl! Love the bump update. And how hilarious the kids are. Looking beautiful as ever!

  2. yes on the ice machine!! ice/water machine so that it's always nice and cold and available, so you don't have to work to drink your allotted daily gallons and gallons. and for afterwards when you're parched from the little barracuda sucking you dry.

  3. Good thing that chick works at Target, then.

    YES to the ice machines... I always want them when I get home from the hospital and I (weirdly) no longer have nurses bringing me water refills half full of ice pellets.

  4. Our sonic sells a bag of that perfect ice for a dollar something. Perfection.

  5. Our ice maker in the freezer went out at about 36 weeks along. Since this was ESSENTIAL I summoned the repairman myself and the cost didn't matter!!

  6. yes yes yesss i am 35 weeks right now and that kind of ice would COMPLETE me!! also a very "kind" man helping me at the goodwill dropoff the other day told me severalllll times that i'd "bounce back fine" and i don't know. i wasn't feeling that kind of assessment from the ponytailed fellow. you are looking so great, ps!! beautiful bump wearin'!

  7. you look amazingly beautiful in these pictures

  8. You always look SO GOOD. I was too busy clutching the toilet 8 times a day (no exaggeration!) to do a bump clutch.

  9. 1. You look great! I'm bigger than that and my twins are 4.5 months old. :-(
    2. Oh my, YES to the very specific type of ice! I got less desperate for it once I started taking iron, or at least taking my prenatal with some o.j. and not within an hour of any dairy. (Ice obsession=anemia; vit. c helps iron intake but calcium blocks iron.)
    3. Friends have an 8 y-o son recently adopted from China, so not used to pregnant women. He saw me a couple months before the twins arrived and asked if they would cut me open to get them out. I said I hoped not and he said, "That would be *so cool*! Just get a sword and [sword swish motion] and [babies falling all over the floor motion]!" Hair clippers seem less scary, though describing them as a saw sounds more disturbing than the envisioned ninja-OB tactic.

  10. Why, why, why do people think it's okay to exclaim, "You're huge!!!" to pregant women? Even if, in some situations, the preggo is all belly, no pregnant lady wants to be told so she is just sooo incredibly large. I am actually 36 weeks pregnant as well with my second and am definitely less upset about the random commentators this time around, but it's still crazy. I know 99% of the people mean to be nice but I still giggle at what they can come up with. I had 3 different people comment on how I was carrying my baby in one thought I was definitely having a girl because I was carrying low, one thought I was probably having a boy because I was carrying high, and the last thought I was carrying low so I was for sure having a boy. But enough look amazing pregant!! I love the maternity outfits you have had on your blog:) Best of luck with your move to FL!

  11. Ow, you belly looks great. I should show you mine. Im 40 weeks already and canal barely move. Im not fat, but my belly is ridiculously huge for my petit size. Have a safe delivery!!!

  12. I love those pellets. My sister and her husband just put a wet bar down in their basement and got one of those machines. I think my BIL is in love with that thing!

  13. My sister bought an ice machine when she was pregnant with #6. She lives in southern Utah (hot hot hot) and her husband is to the "it gets better" part of doctor life. I think I'll want a soft serve ice cream machine when I am to that point.

  14. Do you wonder if they have ever seen someone who is 40 weeks pregnant?! I mean seriously, you are not even that big! I am also 36 weeks along so I can say that. The only thing anyone should say to a pregnant woman is "You look great! Congratulations!"

  15. You look lovely in that color! Question for you or other readers, have you ever used any kind of belly wrap postpartum to help everything go back into place? I thought I read something here but can't find it and wasn't sure if it was from you.

    1. blogged about what I like here!!

  16. I love sonic ice! And Blake's Ice and Village Pizza Ice!

  17. AMEN to the ice, sister! I laughed out loud when I read that because I literally just looked up how much those dang ice machines were. $10,000. No thanks. But I'm so sick of driving around town raiding restaurant ice machines so I don't have to hammer my dang ice cubes. I'm all for insurance companies giving you (or renting you!) pellet ice machines instead of breast pumps. Obviously pellet ice is more of a necessity!



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