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17 October 2014

... I promise.

Also, do you ever say to yourself, "that Grace really should've gone into graphic design!!" ?? Yes, me too.

So, Instagram. I mostly love and adore it and sometimes kind of hate it. The hate only stems from human nature's (or maybe just my) tendency to bust out the comparison guns when we (I) see a flitting pretty second of someone else's life neat and tidy in a little square e-box. But! I really do mostly love it and am usually able to be whip myself into being a lot more circumspect when I let the jealousy fairies tempt me.

Occasionally I'll highlight some accounts over on Instagram (#campfaves) but I thought I'd go old skool and blog about some funions.

And I'll probably do it again. Hate me if you must.

Here we go.

(if you just click on the graphics - you'll be whisked away to the appropriate feed - Camp Fancy.)

@frandorsey (blog here) - if you don't love Fran, I'm just going to have to blankly stare and blink in your general direction because ... she funny. And thoughtful and kind and has a great eye for the gram. She makes me laugh and think and want to copy her life verbatim and move out to the country and start a farm and name one of my beloved chickens, "Bonus." She's just lucky I didn't steal her lady baby's name (Elsa Bennett - the best).

@jennawilber (blog here) - I love Jenna's feed because she does an incredible job of capturing really beautiful moments during her everyday life as a stay at home mom to three little kids. Everything always looks so tranquil without being obnoxious and saccharine and when I grow up I want my house to look exactly like hers. Even though I think she is like 14 years younger than I am. Old lady emoji.

@thealisonshow (blog here) - A recent find of mine (thank you Jolie!). Alison posts the most amazing and hilarious dance videos that will instantly snap you out of the darkest mood. I swear. Girlfriend just does not care and it is SO refreshing. She's someone that probably has a line out the door of bff+e applicants because she looks so fun. I may or may not frequent/stalk her feed when Simon has to stay late and the kids are over me, over life, and over IT.

@girlpolish (blog here) If I ever move to a frigid climate it will be because Rachael makes it look so fun. And bearable! Fine, maybe Boston isn't necessarily considered frigid but she does such an outstanding job of making city life with small children look so doable and appealing. She's quick and smart and if I had a bucket list, "have a drink or four with Rachael" would be very near the top.

@ameliamarthelia (blog here) - Amelia's feed reminds me a lot of Jenna's. Ordinary life, gorgeous home, relaxed and super sweet e-temperament. There's something so uniquely moving about her posts that makes me happy every time I see a new snap from her. Plus her son, Ralph, is one of the cutest kids out there in gramland.

And that's all she posted.

Any I should stalk and add to the next batch? Let me know! Please!

ALSO, If anyone has any tutorials or knows of any cessation classes for help with gramming too many photos of one's progeny ... I'd be much-o obliged-o.

See you on the flip side.
I don't know - it felt right. I take it back.

Have a mediocre weekend.


  1. I love a lot of IG accounts but one I laugh at on a daily basis is bevcooks from babies are adorable and her captions are to me, seriously hilarious! LOVE! Thanks for the new feeds to go follow!!!

  2. oh yeah! is a great one!

  3. love these and i'm all about the funny captions too! i am well on my way to a mediocre weekend as well so thanks :)

  4. These are all favorites of mine, too. Beautiful photos with natural sweetness and humor without so much cheese you'd think you were in France.

  5. Oooooh yay. Love new recs. and old lady emoji. Would that look like this? 🍥👚👵💺

  6. LOVE so many of these! I love this post idea!

  7. Aw grace! I love this love letter to the gram. And I love your cheerful progeny photos, I really do. And a sweet e-personality....such a good description of that nice thing going on underneath it all. Thank you for sharing!

  8. @latewithkate she's hilarious!!!

  9. Thanks for this list! I love instagram and I'm always on it :)
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  10. I love your IG, it makes me feel like when baby #2 arrives (and is conceived...ha) - I can do it because you have 4 and you rock it! @luannelane

  11. thank you...i love finding new blogs!!!

  12. You find the best people.
    Also: amandafshaw and Splendid_Rags



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