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10 August 2014

Hello, hello. Because I like to give you minute by minute updates about my life, whereabouts, moods, culinary failures, and Costco runs it would be only be fair to share that I'm typing this from the palatial confines of Lauren's parents house in Dallas, Texas. Lucky lady. I flew in yesterday for The Hundred that's going down this weekend. I'm furiously taking mental hostess notes because her family has been so gracious and don't tell Lauren but I'm plotting an elaborate plan to get Viola back up to St. Louis for a date with Theo because she is the cutest little lady. Her charm would render him speechless. Oh, wait. Well, maybe he'd cease shouting illogical monosyllabics at me for a few hot seconds.

Think about it, V. Not every male toddler can pull off the plaid romper with such ease.

Saint Simon is watching the kids at home and I'm sure they'll be some gems on his instagram that he has recently taken to posting to more than once ever two years. He already took the kids to Costco in the pouring rain and used two carts so ... domination be his and (fleeting!) guilt be mine.

What else can I tell you? What else ...

Oh! One of my blogging buddies Megan and her friend Erin have teamed up with DSW in St. Peters (right outside St. Louis) to host a back-to-school event and shoe drive to collect new and gently used shoes for a local charity on August 16th from 10am to noon. The first 50 attendees get a bonus gift card, there will be giveaways, crafts, story time, a dress-up photo booth, and more to celebrate the addition of a kids department (baby on up!) at DSW! Please RSVP here and bring the whole family! Depending on my courage level that day ... I might brave the scene with the kids. I'll keep you posted.

I had the pleasure of getting a little sneak peek at the new film, The identical a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. I kept thinking it will be the perfect movie for family movie nights because there's no questionable scenes that would need to be skipped for the sake of impressionable eyes and it was a genuinely sweet and captivating story. You can enter to win four tickets right here. Or just go and see it yourself on September 5th when it comes out! (not sponsored at all - I just know a guy, okay?)


40 hours later

YIKES. I had every intention of finishing this up and hitting publish but then I got swept off into the wonderful weekend and a martini by the name of, "wedding cake."


And so now I'm coming to you live and direct from the airport. There are some very loud talkers one-upping each other with brush-with-death stories of grandeur to my left and a very hungry stomach on my person so I won't keep you.

But if you hear somemom squeezing her husband and kids to almostdeath from somewhere in the vicinity of the St. Louis airport in a few hours ... don't be alarmed.

I'll be back in the posting saddle tomorrow. I hope you equestrians got that.



ps .. thank you Paige for the professional snap!!!


  1. I'm lovinggggg all of your outfits from The Hundred! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. Loved seeing all the photos from the weekend on IG... Can I come next time??

  3. Love that dress...and I love that you are the only one drinking in the picture! :)

  4. Cannot wait to hear more about The Hundred event!!! It looked like a complete blast!!!! Loved seeing all of the pictures go up on instagram these past few days. Was that your first time meeting Britt Fisk? I just met her in Chicago two weeks ago for the very first time! Love that lady!!! =) LOVE LOVE LOVE both your blogs!

  5. Paige takes the best candid shots, wouldn't you agree? Completely flattering and always at the best moments! But, really, she is awe to tha sum.

    Get back safely!

  6. do a hair tutorial. sorry i bossed you.

  7. Mmm, wedding cake martini? Sounds delicious.... Hope you got lots of hugs on your return home :)

  8. Simon "I'm the sparkle" Patton. I like it.

  9. Can I just tell you how awesome I think you (and family) are, AND how envious (in the most virtuous way) I am of Britt Fisk's ability to pull off that amazing haircut???!!! I wish I had those dimples... You ladies are so wonderful. I wish I was talented enough to start my own blog just so that I could be in the club!!

  10. Love it. Loved out weekend together. Had a crazy man at the airport pump me for information about whether or not I thought he should get "back into the scene" dating because "were babies worth it?" After his ex had taken all his money. It was classy.

  11. I dropped viola off at fede this afternoon. headed your way!

    also, im so glad that this picture made it to your blog post. i definitely laughed when i saw it on the photo page. but seriously, those wedding cake martinis.....



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