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17 August 2014

As Simon was filling me in on all the details of last weekend with the kids he mentioned a little something that my inner stage mom had to share. I'm sorry in advance. Well, I'm a little bit sorry.

He reported that Julia and Sebastian got in a fight (surprise!) and that after the brawl had calmed to a quiet roar and that they had made up he told the opponents to seal the forgiveness deal by shaking hands.

He said they responded by looking at him in confusion then looking at each other and then both shaking both their hands in the air .... hokey pokey style.

uninformed about life's important lessons or smartassery at it's finest?

I'll go with the former.
For now.


  1. That may have been a lack of understanding but JUST YOU WAIT... there will be lots of smart assery in your future! My brothers and I are relentless! My brother is a pastor at our church and he and I have even shared a "sibling moment" when he was in the pulpit - stuff that we can express with just a glance.

  2. Haha! I love it! I told the boys once to "hug it out" after a real knock down drag out fight and Ace looked at me and said "hug it out of what?" Touche...just say sorry.

  3. HAHAHA! I love that!

    Whenever I try to do that with mine (ages 10 and 11), I get growls, evil stares, and maybe if I'm lucky, a tight smile.

    I think I like your kids version better!

  4. Oh kids...always playing the fence of secretly sassy vs. adorably innocent. Simon seems like such a sports fan with his "shake hands" ;-)

  5. Oh children. The innocence of youth. Haha

  6. I think the word "smartassery" is worth a post all by itself!!

  7. HAHAHAH! love it! sometimes kids are geniuses

  8. hahahahahhaha thats amazing!! love it!

  9. Hilarious!
    My father in law made his kids hold hands while scrubbing the toilet. I'm looking forward to using that one.



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