Julia Styles

19 April 2014

this post is dedicated to {belated} birthday girl, Jaimie, on behalf of her thoughtful co-worker, Caitlin. And Julia, of course.

hat - Target dollar bin
top - Old Navy
Jegs - thredUP
 sandals - Salt Water via eBay
Normally Julia asks for artistic direction when we take pictures and asks questions like, "should I twirl?" but for these she decided to sing the song, "I'm So Beautiful" ... complete with choreographed dance. The words go a little something like this: "I'm so beautiful" ... repeat.

And repeat again. 

So if anyone is in need of a little dose of confidence ... I might know where some can be spared and shared.

One morning when the kids greeted me with their knocks from the inside of their (unlocked) bedroom door ...
Grace: would you guys like some waffles for breakfast?
Julia: oh, you mean awfuls??
Julia: no thank you

The other day ...
Grace: want to sit on my lap?
Julia: well ...
Grace: what?
Julia: I just don't think there's any room on there
Julia: You're just a really big mommy with a really big tummy these days 

At the library in the movie section FULL of Dora flicks ...
Julia: wow
Grace: which one would you like to pick?
Julia: you think you've seen it all and then you come here ...

After she got dressed for the day and gave herself an up-down look of approval in the mirror ...
Julia: Hey Bash - if you need to tell me I look cute - that's fine.
Bash: no
Julia: Or gorgeous. That's fine too.

Julia: Hey Theo, want to play catch with me?
Theo: crawls away
Julia: Fine. But you're making the biggest mistake of your life.

After I put Theo in his crib for a nap but before I closed the door ...
Theo: cries
Julia: oh, sweetheart
Theo: cries some more
Julia: well, if you're lonely your clothes will keep you company
Theo: cries some more
Julia: and that's a promise!!

Picking up my tweezers ...
Julia: what are these?
Grace: oh, I use those to pluck my eyebrows so they don't get out of hand
Julia: ohhh, I see I see.
Grace: yeah
Julia: So you don't look like a dragon anymore?



  1. The selection of Dora videos.... if only she really knew...!

  2. I feel the same way about the library. Like all of your posts, but really enjoy the Julia ones.

  3. "You're making the biggest mistake of your life." Laughing so hard right now!

  4. These are my favorite posts. Always.

  5. I seriously love reading these... I have my own hilarious 3 year old, but I think she takes the cake!

  6. Every time you post one of these I think to myself "oh yes that's it, that's the best one yet" and then you post a new one and I say it all over again. The Dora comment killed me. She is beyond the funniest little kid I know (well not really but you know what I mean). I just hope our little bambino is half as funny as she is. I'm sure she keeps you laughing and on your toes on the daily. Thanks for continuing to share the laughs with us!

  7. And my comment in parentheses meant that I don't really know her in real life... not that she's not the funniest kid ever :-)

  8. Really where does she get it from?

  9. I can't even imagine my (can't-understand-most-of-what-he-says) 2 year old ever having as good a grasp of the English lang in 10 years as she does in 3! Just hilarious and precious!!

  10. She is just so darn awesome. The comment about the Dora videos basically made me spit out my drink. Well played, Julia.

  11. In my very limited parenting experience, boys seem to say some hilarious things. So I am super excited to read conversations with Bash. Because little miss J is a riot!!

  12. Can I have some of that confidence? Just for those "i look/feel like a frumpy old bag" days?
    These posts are so funny, keep them up! :)

  13. Haha yes Julia yes! Always has the best lines!

  14. Where did she get all this personality? The things she says are killing.

  15. The Dora comment is the winner. Oh my gosh, your child is fantastic. That is just want I needed on this crummy Saturday.

  16. I would like one of these for MY birthday. (Next Saturday) with a cameo of Bash and Theo of course.

  17. Thank you!! My blog feed needed this today.

  18. These are some of my favorite posts - Julia always makes me smile!

  19. Hahaha, nothing better for getting your feet planted firmly back on the earth again than an honest conversation with a child. Love this!

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  21. I am a professional writer and I use getting to read your blog to motivate me to finish my work. Julia is fabulous.

  22. Oh my gosh. Hahaha those are all adorable- the convos and photos :)

  23. Oh my gosh. Julia Says are always my favorite. Her Dora comment was hilarious. Good luck with your dragon eyebrows - I feel you on that ;)

  24. ahahahaha! I hope Theo recovers from the biggest mistake of his life.

  25. She just keeps getting better. She really is so smart! And you keep the queen status at dressing your children.

  26. Too perfect. These keep getting better and better.

  27. I love reading these. I equate them to reading the Sunday comics back when I was a kid. They make me giggle.

  28. Keep us laughing Miss Julia! So awesome.



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