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22 April 2014

some recycled recents
1. Theo is finally walking like a pro
2. My new very favorite necklace and some devil eggs.
3. Instead of making meals to freeze I just keep buying pretty vegetation for the table. Same thing, I think.

And some links about some things ...

Have you happened on any fresh new blog blood worth obsessing over recently? Do tell. PLEASE.

This is my new personal favorite because you know those blogs you read and think you could maybe be instant friends of the best variety? That's why. I read all of her archives the other night while Simon was interviewing in Minnesota. Don't tell her. Fine, you can ... because I already emailed her and spilled the kidneys myself. Because I'm a creep. And the grammage ... if you want some mo.

Not to beat a dead Mr. Ed but I can't sing Paula's Choice products praises any louder than I already do. They've all but completely erased my (super stubborn) acne scars. Anyway, their earth sourced line is 40% off today.

I waltzed myself into Forever XXI the other day and am kicking myself (or trying - unsuccessfully) for not getting this top. I'm a sucker for a trend that's (undoubtedly) going to be retired in a few minutes.

Stuck in a blog post writing rut? Dani has some great ideas right over here.

And thank you thank you so much for all of your birth story novelitas on yesterday's post. Simon and I got a huge kick out of all of them ... some of you should take up speed birthing as a fun little hobby. Like whoa.

And now I'm off to thoroughly walk the hills of the hood. Again.
And then again, if I must.


  1. Have to admit I'm totally obsessed with your blog and your adorable family after a friend recommended it to me! I'd love to send you my book when you're looking for something to read at those 2 AM feedings! :) From one young-pregnant-with-#4-to the next! :)

    1. oh, thanks Chaunie!! I'd love that!!

      Can you email me?


  2. My new fav blog (other than yours if course) is

  3. Replies
    1. Camp Patton and The Fike Life were my biggest inspirations back when I jumped on the blogwagon. I feel like I can't love your blogs enough!

  4. I am crossing my fingers that you end up in Minnesota. Their program is really family friendly too, so happy that I get to take some maternity leave in July which I was so not expecting. That tiny twig necklace is adorable, and I love that top (looks kind of Anthropologie-ish). Now off to read some of those birth novelitas (I may be freaking out a little as I get close...)

  5. I chuckled at the paragraph about "those blogs you read and think you could maybe be instant friends of the best variety" because the irony is that that describes YOU for so many people. :P

  6. Ahhhh! I thought for sure you'd be pushing that baby out by now! :)
    Hang in there, and keep us posting, obviously. Much aloha!

  7. prayers for your baby/birth.

    the Fike Life - new favorite for sure.

  8. Ahhhh, thank you thank you thank you for sharing Fike Life's blog!! I watched her video (which I loved!) via a fb post and proceeded to search and search to see if she might have a blog and…nothing. I will be following that one for sure now. THANK YOU! Best wishes with the birth of #4! I've been thinking of you lately since I have a friend who is also pregnant and her hub is interviewing right now as well. Big hugs and sending prayers your way!

  9. Thanks so much for including me lady! You're the sweetest.


  10. You might like Retro Mummy for an Australian Catholic perspective, she's currently expecting her sixth. And that top! If only Forever 21 shipped over to Australia! Love it! Happy hill climbing! Don't know how you do it, I struggle pushing my double pram up a hill and I'm not pregnant!

  11. Just so you know I'm going to remember that photo of you in gym kit, full term, pushing all 3 kids in the pram- its going to be my 'so whats your excuse for not exercising' photo. Pushing all 3 kids pregnant or not is dedication to the cause, high five.

  12. I'd love for you to check out my blog & give me some feedback! :)

  13. Which Paula's Choice product are you using that has helped acne scars? Mine are so stubborn, and mommy-tired-face just seems to accentuate them all the more...

  14. Would it be bad to offer some shameless self-promotion and direct you to my own blog? Hope not, because that is what I'm going to do :)

    But, I also really love reading Olivia's blog To the Heights. She's pretty awesome

  15. Checked out the Fike Life on your recommendation - pure goodness. I love that she was on Soul Pancake! And I also love how she shows what real life is like for them - eh hem, the sick kids post. I'm pregnant with our first, so I will admit that posts like that scare me a bit, but I do really appreciate the realistic portrait of what its likes to be a parent with multiple children!

  16. I like Spice and Sass. You two remind me of each other and also of myself. I'm pretty sure that if knew one another we would start a book club as an excuse to hang out and talk about things other than books.

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