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08 January 2014

1. shake that laughy happy 
2. our sturdy white picket plastic is up to it's neck in the warm and fuzzy
3. walk Theo by a cute little puppy or a treat him to a fun little showing of Baby Einstein and he doesn't break from his stone stoic cold b-face but show him a blanket of snow and his whole life is changed for the better

I hate to break my lifelong streak of being all doom, gloom, and doom some mo but ... after Sunday night's dip down to hellish and frozen temperatures there really has been nowhere to throw ourselves but right on up the ladder of positivity.

I don't recognize us either.

In addition to Simon's car starting up last night after a little brush with death on Monday we were able to visit him for some quality cafeteria time and all felt right in the world again. And a whole bunch of other happenings ... in no particular order but all totally worth your valuable click.

Let's break it down ...

My phone magically started working again and I am back to gramming every other minute of our glitzy and ritzy life of leisure. {And if your iPhone/iPod/iPad ever won't scroll and weird boxes appear around every app and it just talks to you about making lunch plans with Emily and makes you want to throw it across the hemisphere .... just quickly triple click the home button ... that took me about 20 hours and 20 litanies of cursery to figure out}

Cascada was playing on the radio this morning. (I won't apologize for my taste in music ... I'll only profusely apologize for my taste in music .... only the most refined around here).

The kids and I made a cake for Theo's first birthday last week without the help of any white sugar. I'm sure that's impressive to no one but myself BUT I wrote all about it over on the Melissa and Doug blog where they are letting me post from time to time. If I could fill our house with nothing but Melissa and Doug toys ... I would in approximately 1/9 of a heartbeat. No nonsense and no batteries. No brainer.

Pubslush ran a tiny little Camp Patton feature .... if you're in the mood. I sense you might be. They asked me some tough questions ... go see how I sweat through it.

It's no secret that even though we've lived in St. Louis for 2.5 years I've had a hard time getting integrated (all my fault) around here so it's been fun connecting with some local bloggers (not in person ... yet ... baby steps!!). My week was totally made when the impossibly sweet and impossibly pretty Lindsay (last name PattAn ... not to be confused with PattOn) emailed to let me know that along with four other bloggers, the Camp was featured on a fun list of St. Louis lifestyle blogs. If you're in the mood to add some new blogs to your list (I always am ... some might call it an unhealthy addiction ... I call it mommy getting her social ON) ... check it out over on Alive Magazine's website. Please?

New year new desktop background. You know I'm right. I'm loving these downloadable and free monthly calendars that Ready to Blog designs puts out ... and I can hardly wait to see what February's looks like. Once January is over in about 68 years.

Aaaand I think that's all. Hulu is being a total asshat and is not broadcasting the Bachelor and I'm dying. DYING. I am actually writing this from my perch of dead. Go read Ashley's recap because it's sure to be the funniest thing you read until next week when she recaps again. And pray for Hulu .... it needs to get it together. Yesterday.


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  2. have you looked to see if the Bachelor is on (:

  3. The Bachelor's on ABC, right? ABC's being an ass about Hulu now. They've cut a bunch of shows and have the rest on 8-day delays unless you have a cable provider login. I feel entitled to rant, because, although we don't pay for any tv service at our house, ABC has ALWAYS been a broadcast (read… free with my mom's antenna) channel- so them pretending to be HBO or something is just douchey. (Douchie? Douch…ish? Douchestatic? I don't know.) Just put more ads on or something.
    Rant over. Sorry. Glad you've been frozen into positivity, although I admit I'm not familiar with that mood… is it contagious?

  4. Glad I'm not the only person cursing Hulu. It's actually my stupid malfunctioning DVRs fault that I missed The Bachelor, but I'm super furious with my fall-back.

    Also, because I'm crazy and refused to give up without researching WHY it wasn't on Hulu, I read that ABC has new rebroadcasting rules that started with the new year which include having to wait a WEEK to watch ABC programming (whether it's Hulu, OnDemand, whatever!). God help me if I miss an episode of Scandal. - See more at:

  5. Likened to Kate Middleton!!! True, true.

  6. Grace! You are such a celebrity. I love it. :)

    Also, I'm real mad about Hulu. I went to watch parts of The Bachelor (luckily I caught it live at a friend's house) but Hulu only has clips and ABC is requiring that you confirm that you have a cable provider in order to watch their shows now. I'm dead.

    RIP Chalayn
    March 29, 1987 - Juan-uary 6, 2013

    1. I'm so dead that I got the year wrong. 2014, of course.

  7. AHHHHH!! I'm so lovin' your blog! I'll never be able to say it enough. You always crack me up! Your bit on Pubslush was great - congrats, mama!!! :)

    Being Barlow

  8. UGH I know re: Bachelor struggles! Without cable how else am I supposed to know about the crazy antics of Juan Pablo? Wait another week? I don't think so!!! (I'm currently working on figuring out how to trick some cable company into letting me have a password/username without actually buying anything. If I figure it'll for sure know.)

  9. SERIOUSLY with the ABC thing! The bachelor, scandal, revenge, agh! I dont have cable, so I'm basically just going to be permanently a week behind- supposedly all new episodes will be available to the public 8 days after they air.

  10. I'd love your thoughts on Burning Love -- definitely on Hulu ;) My husband and I were dying during the first episode.

  11. Grace, I've been reading and loving the chronicles of the Pattons for a while but I've never been brave enough to comment before. :) You apologize for complaining sometimes but I love your refreshing honesty! Every crazy thing your kids have done, my kids have done. It makes me feel less alone and less insane and I've loved watching your family grow. I've always wanted several kids but we hit the pause button after two and watching and admiring your family as it grows gives me hope that maybe I can handle it, too. :) Keep it up. You are funny and inspiring and we need your voice.

  12. Umm…you're a rockstar…the more patton-ness spread across the internet the better. I love it all!

  13. Congratulations!!!! So happy for your St. Louis celebrity status & super cool guest blogging! So fancy!!

    Now what is all this about ABC delaying Hulu premieres??

  14. You live in the 'Lou? I grew up there and it would make my mom's life if we moved back…but various things keep us in Oregon for now. Your blog rocks!

  15. Oh my...Theo's thigh rolls...adorable! And congrats on the St. Louis celebrity status...I would say maybe I'd run into you sometime out and about but seeing as I go to SAMs for my hot dog combo and you have a love affair with Costco that seems unlikely....

  16. Wanna talk asshat? My children and my computer have joined forces with one common goal: never let mother watch Downton.

    Yes. My computer calls me mother too.

  17. You're hilarious. also as super cute free calendars you can download to your computer and iPhone!

  18. I am dying of the last photo of those cute little thighs!! My son had adorable rolls just like that! I see you in St. Louis ... I'm in KC...however my husband is a hard core Cardinal fan ;)

  19. Soooo, are you writing a book then? Because Pubslush said it was a website for writers of books. Hrmmmmmmmm.

  20. You should not be denied Juan Pablo! If things get desperate- we can always set up a skype date for live streaming as long as you don't mind John's occasional commentary as he walks thru the living room lol

  21. I was so angry when I went to hulu and found nothing for the Bachelor. I know, it's sad that I'm angry about a stupid show, but seriously...WHY did they start doing this for Juan Pablo's season?! WHY!

  22. Oh my gosh, that first picture of Julia! She seems so happy that it is hard not to smile.

  23. Love your blog! I discovered thanks to the Alive blog post. It's so great to see such talented and fun St. Louis bloggers!



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