a quick holler

31 January 2014

or holla.

or hola if I wanted to stay true to my New Mexican roots.

I think I've mentioned a few thousand times before that I hate not posting on the regular. Yes, even missing a day gives me a case of the violent shakes. Detachment? No - I've never heard of it and I'm not interested in living my best life with intentionality. Give me Internet or give me e-death on a padded platter.

Anyway. Now that we've established that I missed you yesterday and you all have #dontleaveme and #clingygf conversation hearts securely in the mail .... let's move on.

First of all ... didn't Danielle do an incredible job with the blog redesign? I was a paying customer so this isn't sponsored and she didn't ask me to link to her at all but she was so awesome to work with and not melt completely down to the ground after my 68th email asking if MAYBE this and that could be tweaked .... again? I HIGHLY recommend her skillage - she can do both Blogger and Wordpress blogs and is my new favorite. 

Okay. Moving on again.

I'm sitting in the Philadelphia airport and my flight keeps getting pushed back and .... I don't care.

Well. This Ansel Adams knockoff is actually from my flight from St. Louis to Philadelphia. I cut it a little close when I had Simon drop me off 23 minutes before my flight took off and I think security could sense my error in judgment and quickly threw themselves into dead slug mode and shut one of the lines down and then insisted that they test my hands because my license was in my back pocket (whatisgoingonpleasejustletmegonownownow) but I made it and who cares about all of that?

I did. Deeply.

Anyway, if I had the kids with me the delayed flight situation would and could be likened to a tall glass of hell but I'm all alone and I think Simon will still be able to pick me in time to get a little nap before he goes into work so ... c'est la lap of luxury in the empty boarding area for now.

I had a phenomenal time filming my little segment of the Momnipotent book study and I can't wait to see the finished product to share with you although I do wish I could've just sat at the table and blogged my bit as talking out loud to a crowd of more than one human is not an area where I necessarily excel ... at all. I woke up three minutes before we were supposed to leave for filming yesterday morning and after I got over the bizarre shock of waking up to the sound of a child not crying I danced around in freak out mode and wished I'd been blessed with the gift of looking fresh-faced without the time consuming hurdle of a shower but nope.

Intermission for flight and life. Resuming typing lay-hate at night. 

The highlights were ...

+ meeting all of the other moms participating including Danielle (okay - she's really heading this whole thing up and to call her a mere participant would be a grave injustice) who has a natural gift for making people feel super at ease and steering conversations in meaningful directions all while wearing very high and very cute heels.

+ meeting Kate and Lisa who are both living and breathing residency wife survivors (among a zillion other things, of course) and were so great and easy to chat with all while making me feel like my feelings on the horrors of night float are perfectly normal. At least they did a great job pretending that I'm not a total nut ...

+ seeing Rachel again and beating her ear drums raw with my incessant talking because apparently she has a gift for making Grace talk nonstop. I roomed with her sister, Jojo in college so it's been so fun getting to know Rachel and corrupting her by way of teaching her how to use phone emojis. ;)

+ meeting everyone at Ascension Press because they were just the nicest folks with a true knack for hospitality and were all so genuinely gracious. 

that adorably petite and sweet brunette at the table is actually not me. I know - just trust.

+ the hotel room. I just love staying in hotels. All that clean.

+ getting off my returning flight this morning and expecting to go outside to wait for the crew to pull up in the minivan but instead seeing them arrive on foot inside the port ...

I burst into tears (this pregnancy and the crying - it needs to stop before I drowned myself or a child that is already ex-utero) which quickly dissolved into laughs as Simon recounted a "had to be there to believe it" tale of Sebastian confidently getting on the airport escalator and then deciding .... nope .... but it was way too late. Apparently he was riding boots up and head down until some strangers freaked, yelled panicked obscenities, and carried Mr. Fickle up the rest of the escalating stairs because Simon's hands were tied with the stroller and Julia's death grip because she is is p-e-t-r-i-f-i-e-d of riding escalators.

I don't care what anyone says about 13 month olds and their smarts ... Theo is SO punishing me for leaving him while he was a little bit sick and a lot a bit cutting some molars. He started things off with a serious dose of the silent treatment and then flipped the switch into super cling-whine mode for hours upon other hours tonight and I suspect that tomorrow might bring biting with his newest pearly white molar. Yes, singular. He takes after his mom in the martyr department.

Okay, I cracked the laptop open to try to figure out how much water I should be drinking every day and instead I click clacked this out because I am committed to hydration.  Clearly.

I don't ever nap and I usually don't fall asleep until around 3 or 4 or 5 these days but I have to confess that I nodded off thrice while typing this so .... I know it's a winner. A big winner of a post.

Quitting while I'm behind and before I start signing off with "love you!!" and questions about the whereabouts of the teething gel.

I'll be back in a flash. Swear't.


  1. 30-40 ml/kg body weight. Moving on...

    Such cute pics of the kids. Also hilarious/horrifying escalator story.

    1. ha - thank you! I just wanted something beyond "8 glasses by 8pm" .... :)

    2. For reals? Good to know. I knew I failed in the hydration front too when at dinner I realized I had only sipped my coffee all morning and the water bottle I filled at lunch was still full. Sorry in-utero babe :/ why is it so hard to drink H2O??

    3. I'm a nurse and that's what we use. It's not anything fancy or fad-dietish, and you'll need more if you have a fever or are sweating a lot, but as a rule of thumb you're doing fine if you drink that. (And coffee counts if you drink it in moderation and regularly.)

  2. your family is too cute :)
    Xo, Ellen

  3. your family is too cute :)
    Xo, Ellen

  4. I am so jealous!! But happy for you! But still jealous! But more happy! Danielle Bean was THE reason I started blogging, she is my hero. Oh my gosh, what a great group of ladies.

  5. Love your daughters little boots!! I wan tsome for me!!

  6. Love the blog redesign. And one of my favorite aspects about traveling alone is walking off the plane to see my waiting family. LOVE.


  7. I can't wait to see a clip! I bet you did awesome. But let's get down to brass tacks, what was it like not waking up to a wailing child? Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. 1. So glad you're home safely. I know Julia must be thrilled to have her stylist back in town.
    2. I hope that Theo has let you at least get a few hours of rest, but if not there is always coffee
    3. Can't wait to see the book study. I have loved Danielle's emails every day making me think just a little bit and that's a pretty scary thing to do.
    4. Go get a glass of water. You're dehydrated...just sayin...
    Hugs from VA!!

  9. Simon wins a gold star for wrangling three littles into the airport by himself! We grew up close to the Atlanta Airport and even had scavenger hunts there when I was a teen (obv. pre-9/11). My own children were never ever ever taken to the airport because they all have Screw With Mommy Tourettes (not a real disorder) and would be tickled at saying something random like, "my mom has a bomb" and then laughed while I was cuffed and endured a body cavity search. In fact, my children never flew until they were old enough to do it without me. True story. Anyhoo... glad you got a little Grace time. *hugs*

  10. You roomed with Rachel's' sister!? I know neither of you, but love your blogs and you just blew my mind a little with that one.

  11. Residency girlfriend/fiancee and Fellowship wife survivor here; it can be done but soO much better with friends and booze :)

    Still killin a bit of me that you were all in my metro area and I didn't get to meet/hug anyone. So excited to see the finish product.

  12. LOVE the new design. So pretty!

    Also, the story about Bash is awesome.

  13. I'm loving the new blog design! So pretty and simple. :)

  14. The redesign is fantastic! Very pretty. And Julia is right right right to distrust escalators. One ate my shoe (and almost my foot) when I was 5. I refused to go on an escalator for ten years after that...great for my health I guess, all that walking up stairs. Not so great for my parents.

  15. I'm 27 and still almost burst into tears when my parents greet me at the airport when I fly home... so yea. It's ok to cry. Let it out.

    Also my day will be filled with the image of Bash feet up on the escalator. Too bad it wasn't grammed. (P.S. Hope he's not traumatized for life!)

  16. Your sleepy post amaze me. I have oft typed a dandy while in a state of sleep - but I had the mind enough to not hit publish until morning when I would read it and wonder what sort of hellish drank I must have been downing that night.

  17. I like the redesign. For what it's worth, my chiropractor and midwife both recommended aiming for at least 2 quarts of water (3+ being better if possible).

  18. I believe you with Theo. It's happened to me before - they are pretty coy with their ways. And your blog design, oh your blog design - it is perfect! I love it!

  19. I just found your site (via Janssen), and spent the last week or so reading, uh, everything. So that's something like three years' worth of posts, I think? My housework suffered accordingly, but I thank you for every entertaining, procrastinating minute. And I'll be here from here on out.

    That wasn't meant to sound creepy and threatening.

  20. I have just recently starting following your blog and its my favorite! I am a stay at home mommy with our 2 year old Audrey and baby boy who is on the way this Spring! :) I live in West Monroe, Louisiana and all it seems that anyone wants to talk about around here is Duck Dynasty and deer hunting, which my husband and I have no interest! Anyways just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! Its real and great to read things that I can relate to! :D

  21. Your life has been full of Danielles lately so I thought it'd really be best if I also threw a comment your way! Love what you've done with the place and love your random posts even more. Happy Friday, hope Theo's tooth pops all the way through so you get a break from the whines!

  22. Loving the new design! And love your tales, as always. Happy Friday!

  23. The blog looks great! Glad you had such a good time in Philly.

  24. i love your blog! And i laughed out loud at the escalator story... I can only imagine it. Too funny!!!

  25. Love your blog...just discovered it a few weeks ago. Apparently, I am not very observant as I just noticed you grew up in NM. I live in ABQ. Not technically from here but lived here long enough that I claim it as home. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. :)



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