15 November 2013

dress - J.Crew via thredUP
scarf - c/o Surfdome (other similar styles too!)
hooves - OnlineShoes
glasses - c/o Firmoo

We are not having a banner week at the Camp. At all. And I know it's probably thee most commonly covered topic on blogs: rough days/weeks/months so I'll make this as brief as I'm able.

Right. I don't do brief. Click out or buckle up, kids.

We threw a cherry on top of the banana splat this afternoon with a little dramedy of errors at the hospital. Simon's going to have to work late tonight so we went to see him for lunch and he got stat paged up to an emergency c-section. I gathered the flock and herded them into the parking lot where Julia fell and had a total cow, Sebastian flipped the stroller (Theo strapped in) while I was Clara Bartoning Julia back to earth, and about 10 medical professionals walked by and gave the horror stare while I tossed the stroller into the trunk (not collapsed - I can never figure it out!) popped into my heated seat, and sped the Odyssey up and out of there. No blood - only tears and mortification a plenty. We'll be having comfort cookies for dinner. Or Simon's mom's bran muffins - my favorite baked good in the universe.

I really miss the Bachelor/ette. Bring the franchise back. January is too far away. 

We had two pretty cold days here earlier this week and I had to forgo our morning walk/run and it made the day feel approximately 9 hours longer than usual. So I've decided as long as I can find some automatic doors that will accommodate the chariot ... I'll be mall walking this winter. I remember someone suggested that when Julia was a baby and I thought that was silly but now? It's a matter of life or death-by-cottage-fever.

I know screen time is frowned upon by probably all parenting experts and parents that have successful first graders and parents that know what they are doing but a healthy splash of Bob the Builder and Strawberry Shortcake (Julia's new Dora) around here makes for a much better day. And that's just the way it's going to be. For quite awhile. Judge a mom that only wants to fold a grip of laundry one time .... not three, thanks to Sebastian who seems to posses life aspirations that center around a certain Disney princess by the name of Cinderella.

Speaking of screen time - Sebastian's favorite thing to watch is the Noah trailer on my phone and he's watched it so many times that he could probably be considered a bit of a biblical scholar at this point. It's not easy being mom to the gifted.

And speaking of Sebastian on my phone he's hidden it REALLY well twice this week and I've found this website to be an absolute lifesaver (ahem - no thanks to blogless Colleen and blogless Caitlin for not answering my frantic SOS emails - j/k ... sort of).

I've resurrected these for breakfast. I enjoy them. The older two can be tricked by my "cake!" marketing but Theo would rather just grind his teeth (why does he do that? why?) and give me expressionless stares (never not disturbing from a 10 month old) than touch anything that has touched a banana. His loss.

Hmm this post has been a whole lot of fun. Let's liven things up with a bump photo. No one hates those, right?

Yes, I'm asleep. Laugh.

And I still hate my haircut so I'll be cinnamon rolling the butchered locks for a few more months. Yum.


  1. You must name the fourth camper Ivy, like Beyonce's Blue Ivy. Cause you know, IV is four in Roman numerals. Eh. It seemed funnier before I typed it.

  2. Hey, my kids watch Bob the Builder AND they are smart, so HA - take that, parenting experts! ;) But really, you do what you gotta do, I say. Thanks for the baby bump picture!

  3. I regularly use tv time as bribery for naps. No judgment from me! Hope this weekend is much better!

  4. You look absolutely beautiful...I love love that outfit.

  5. Um...What baby bump? Seriously, you look great. I think you get smaller with each pregnancy. It gives me hope that I won't be whale size the next time around. Maybe just a dolphin.

    I doubt a little screen time will hurt the kids. A slightly more relaxed mom because of Bob the Builder probably outweighs any damage done from screen time. It's not like you are letting them watch slasher films or anything. At least I don't think Bob the Builder is code for that.

  6. Er… what I have been calling my "bump" will now be classified as my "mountain" from this point on, seeing as our "bumps" are in no way even remotely close to the same size.

    Hoping for happier days this weekend!

  7. You mean I'm not supposed to park my 2 year old in front of the iPad watching Curious George or Mickey? Well call me a bad mommy! It's the only way I stay sane and get dinner on the table after work.

    I was going to come out and say hello to you when my meeting was over... Is it weird that in the middle of my meeting I said oh there's Grace and the kids. Everyone in the meeting was like oh is she a friend of yours? Ummmm how do I say no I just stalk her blog. So I said yes! :)

    The banana pancakes look yummy! I'll have to try that tomorrow. Eliott my 2yo loves bananas.

  8. I've only been brave enough to sign up for thredUP so far, but this outfit might just be the courage I need to jump off the purchase ledge. Maybe they sell parachute pants?

  9. We are five days apart and my bump is just a wee bit bigger than that. HA! You look fantastic, Grace. We all have craptastic weeks. Hope next week is better :)

  10. Lucy enjoys watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with me. It means that I can make dinner in peace and I've made peace with that. She's 4 months.

    Thank you Thank you for linking the find my phone website! *I'm* remarkably good at hiding my phone from myself and I've already bookmarked the site.

  11. Don't knock the screen time. Sometimes, it's necessary. And you look adorable..... you should reveal the hair!

  12. I was walking out the grocery store and dropped the one bag that had my dozen eggs in it. After salvaging the 3 eggs that didn't break, I began walking to the car when I dropped my bag of apples. I wish I could've blamed it on 3 kids, but it was just me. So I picked the groceries up and figured that meant it was time to go home.
    You are looking fantastic!

  13. Such a cute bump!!
    No judgement here, one clingy fighting a cold baby + destructive toddler when I'm nursing = Paw patrol and Super Why for the win!
    Wishing you a better weekend.

  14. You look so pretty. Really. High five to all the people who walked past you and your debacle and didn't offer to help. Few things make me madder than those stares when you're elbow deep in shitshow and doing your best. I love our van because I can throw the stroller in the back. Philip found it like that and said, "No time to fold it up?" Nope. Also, I hear you on walking in the mall. I took the kids for a walk the other day and literally, we were the only people out there, it was so cold and windy. The kids told me "we're freezing", so I suggested they walk faster to warm themselves up. I'm the worst.

  15. You look great. And not pregnant which isn't fair for numero quattro.

    and television. there is a season for everything and you are in the television season.

  16. No judgement know that. Do what you need to do to get through the day. As long as it's legal or at least don't get caught. LOL!
    So sorry today was a crapfest. I remember the first time my Jonathan tipped over the stroller. Not mortification that I remember to this day. Ugh!
    Welcome to the wonderful world of mall walkers. It has saved my bacon four winters n a row now. Grab a coffee and walk, window shop and walk some more. Then the day speeds by and you've gotten some decent exercise. Go Grace Go!!
    Love the baby bump...plain awesomesauce...can't wait for the next update!

  17. Why so many emergent c-sections? I thought they were pretty rare but I'm still crossing my preg fingers that this little lady doesn't have a flair for the standoff come eviction time. Also, I had strawberry shortcake bedsheets back in the day but don't worry- I won't tell Julia such a thing exists ;)

  18. This might be my favorite outfit of yours to date. Loooove the dress and the boots!

    Simon's mom's bran muffins are a staple in my house. I load them up with vanilla and raisins (I know you don't approve) and freeze them after they bake. They are my FAVORITE thing with a mug of creamer and a dash of coffee in the mornings and I'm ever so grateful you shared the recipe!

    When I hear of your parking lot woes with a hysterical Julia and a overturned stroller with babe strapped inside I hear my grandmother's voice saying "You have the patience of Job." Now, my backslidden Southern Baptist self can't quite remember Job's narrative but a quick Google search reminded me that this is indeed appropriate for you. *insert southern accent* Bless your heart!

    Hope you all have a good weekend!

  19. First of all, you look fab as always. There might be two pictures in existence of me pregnant. Might. Oh, and the grinding teeth is the worst. The baby went through a stage where he did that all the time, and it freaked me out. *shivers*

  20. I love how you embrace your inability at brevity. I, too, tend toward wordy. which explains why I'm not on twitter. That's not nearly enough characters for this mamacita!

  21. 1. are you suuuuure your pregnant? cuz i see no belly. 2. tindra was watching some baby channel show and they were doing sign language for happy and kept repeating 'happy' and she turned to me and said Teeteee (what she calls herself) happy, happy, happy, so obviously tv is a good thing, yes? Also, Jasper spent the 3 months of my morning sickness glued to the TV and is reading at a 3rd grade level as a young first grader (warning:mom brag) so obviously those tv months didn't rot his brain.

  22. I am a huge fan of mall walking. Plaza Frontenac is the best in St. Louis for this because. . .heated parking garage, no kid stores to make kids think they need something, and fancy bathrooms.

  23. You look great, Grace, hope you are feeling good too!

  24. Congratulations, Grace! You look great. My kids love Strawberry Shortcake,too! Why?!

  25. Love this outfit! You look so great! The fact that manage to look so cute and fun even amidst a crummy day/week counts as a major WIN for me. Oh, and I miss the Bachelor/ette too!



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